Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The other day, not so long ago, ahem , actually yesterday , i was updating my profile on orkut. When i hit upon, "from my past relationships i learnt" i was like, wow thats a neat one. Never paid much attention to it anyway when i was creating my profile.But now that it set me thinking, I can really think of so much that my relationships taught me. So here they are in no particular order:

-Love is not enough in a relationship

-Communication is priceless

-Relationships take a lot of energy from everyone, and sometimes they just arent sustainable.

- Sex is often a canary in my relationship. Decrease in sexual intimacy always spells doom.

- There is nothing to understand when you break up. Just walk away with as much of your sanity intact as possible

- Nobody deseves abuse (physical/verbal/psychological/emotional).

- If someone changes in a big way right after you get into a realationship, start thinking how to break up. He/she is not the same person you thought you knew.

- Some things are worth the possibility of a broken heart (I've been thru it, I know it, for sure.)

- "If you really loved me...." means I (the speaker) am an asshole trying to get you to do something thats unhealthy for you.

- Playing together is essential, so is working together.

- People are not projects nor goals. Dont try to achieve them.

- If you are somebody's second choice, dont bother ( I truly believe in this).

And i'm still learning. Even though i'm not in a relationship right now, everyday i learn a lot seeing my friends, my colleagues, my siblings. Each day all of them learn something new in their relationships. Its an ongoing process. I've seen people changing overnite, people cringing, people obsessing, people pining and what not have you. So all you guys and gals out there, let me know what you learnt from your relationships. Waiting for comments.

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