Thursday, February 26, 2009


You are the stuff of stars.
A corney come-on line?
Yes. But its also a scientific fact.
Look at your hand, you'll see skin, hair, maybe a couple of nails.
If you could see closer, you'd find a mix of molecules, made up of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Do you know where these base elements come from?
Scientists have hypothesized that the entire periodic chart, every base element of the universe, was actually the byproduct of a star going nova.
You, me, all of us, we were a part of a star.
We weren't at the corona, not the part one could've seen, we were all deep within a star-once. Perhaps once we provided light to warm a planet.
Perhaps across some great distance, two creatures look at us, looked at each other, and knew that they were in love.
We were a star.
We are a part of the universe, we always will be.
We are all part of this universe.
This realization, this understanding, should both daunt and awe you.
Awe, in your importance, and then daunt, in the weight it requires in dealing with others.
For they were a part of that star with us.
They are just as unique, just as important as we are.
They may be confused by this, they may forget this.
They may not treat others with the kindness, and importance which this demands others be treated.
But they were still part of that same star that we were, once.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Pain is a teacher.
It can blind you or it can teach you.
When you receive pain, often times, you have a choice.
You can let your pain blind you to that pain in others.
Or you can use it to learn to help yourself, and understand others.
You are not perfect.
There will be many times when you fail to live up to being the sort of person you want to be, but that doesn't mean you should give up.
There will be times in your life when you feel pain so intense, you don't think you can go on.
It will make you want to say, "To hell with it".
For if they can't help you with your pain, why would you choose to help someone else with theirs?
Life is short, right?
That trap is one of life's most insidious. But if you can somehow drive through it, you can gain a divine understanding.
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I got this on my mail and as usual my first reaction was can this be converted into a blog post??? You bet it can!!!!! So here I go......

8 Things I am passionate about:
1. My independence
2. My individuality (I guard it fiercely)
3. Being happy
4. My relationship with people (I hate to antagonize people and am very particular about maintaining courteous and cordial relationship especially with my patients)
5. Setting up my own clinic
6. Writing/blogging
7. Books
8. Gulzar Saab's songs

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1. Buy a Hermes Berkin bag costing about 2-3 lakhs.
2. Learn salsa.
3. Attend one olympic event at least.
4. Visit a strip bar in Las Vegas.
5. Stay in a village for a month
6. Learn a language preferably french or spanish
7. Try my hand in politics.
8. Be a published writer.

8 Things I often say:
1. F*** off
2. Trust me
3. Careful
4. Go fish
5. Yeah right
6. Practice before you preach
7. Love you
8. JLT (just like that)

8 songs I can listen over and over again:
1. Mera kuch samaan
2. Tujhse naraaz nahi zindagi
3. Na jaane Kyun
4. Aapki nazron ne samjha
5. Jo tumko ho pasand
6. Aaj phir jeene ki
7. Teri khushboo main base khat
8. Badi sooni sooni hai

8 Books I have recently read or am still reading:
1. The marriage bureau
2. Daughters of shame
3. Homecoming
4. The Associate
5. The lost flamingoes of Bombay
6. In other rooms, other wonders
7. Vinegar sugar
8. Local

8 things which attact me to my friends:
1. Honesty
2. Positivity
3. Sense of humor
4. Reliability
5. Their ability to listen to me when I need it the most
6. Their encouragement of me
7. Loyalty
8. Their unquestioned love for me

And now the dreaded tag.......I tag Vikas, Avinash, Moon's Muse, The Rat and everyone else reading this post. Waiting to hear from everybody.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Avinash of gave me this award which is called as "Lets be Friends Award". I am really honoured and very pleasantly surprized also. This is my first award and i am really speechless. Thank you Avinash so much. I love his blog, especially his poems which convey a lot in a very few words. I also look forward to his comments on my posts as they are sometimes even better than my posts.

This is what the "Let's Be Friends" Award represents:These blogs are remarkably charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers(or more) who must choose blogs of their choice and include this written text into the body of their award.

As of now I am not going to pass this on . Since its my first award I'm going to gloat over it a little longer.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Nothing gets bigger or better than this. As a Gulzar Saab fan , this has to be the greatest moment for me and million other fans of his. As long as I can remember, I have been this huge fan of his. A folder with a complete list of his lyrics, the movies he has directed, films for which he has penned dialogues and written screenplays for, the awards he has won hold a coveted place in laptop and in my heart. He has songs for every season and every reason. From his first song as a lyricist in Bandini "Mora gora ang laile, mohe shyam rang daiyde" to his last in Yuvvraaj "Tu muskura, jahan bhi hai tu muskura" , Gulzar Saab has always churned out gems and enthralled his listeners and critics alike, across generations. I know of a 60 year old woman, a 29 year old girl and a 16 year old boy, Gulzar saab being the common thread that unites them. Thats how powerful his lyrics are. The emotions which are envoked through his mesmerizing words are very difficult to pen down. He is a true magician, who juggles words and creates a symphony, the like of which is unparalled.

Like a true artist, Gulzar Saab is a humility and modesty personified. This is what he had to say when asked how he felt on recieving the Oscar : This is a hallmark of a true artist and nobody deserves this more than Gulzar saab.

For me, nothing can beat the elation I felt when his name was announced along with Rehman sir by the award presenter Alicia Keys. My only regret is that he could not be present at the ceremony since he is nursing a shoulder injury. It would have been an out of this world moment for me to see him at the stage in the Kodak Theatre. But nevertheless, JAI HO to Gulzar Saab. You are the best, simply the best. No praise is too high for you sir. You deserve every inch of this glory coming your way today.
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The earth is never in the same place, twice.
A lot of people get confused by this, but its actually the most important thing I've ever learned. The earth is rotating around the sun, but people forget that the sun is rotating.
It is changing its relative position every moment of every day.
And while you might look around, and think you are in the same place you were yesterday, you have moved.
Others have traveled with you, but they have moved as well.
Every one has different experiences, everyone learns something different, and learns differently, along their travels.
No one in the world, or in the history of mankind, understands things quite like you do.
This makes you, and everyone else, specifically unique in the history of the universe.
This is not something to be afraid of.
We are all different, but it is these differences that teach us about ourselves.
About what is important, and what isn't.
Far too many people worry about being normal, about hiding the things that make them feel embarrassed, or awkward.
This is not right.
It is those differences that teach us, and show us what it means to be human.
It is the differences that both define us, and unite us.
The emotions we all seek, the love we all need.
The desire to hold and be held.
That is the nature of humanity.
Always seperate from another, but always the same.
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Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today while driving to work, as usual my radio was on. I kept changing the channels in hope to come across a song which i wanted to listen to. While punching the buttons furiously on the radio, my fingers stopped when I heard words "Tu jahan main wahan, sang sang yun chaloon tere jaise tera aasman". I heard the entire antara and sadly that was the end of the song. Somehow those words struck me somewhere. The line was not poetic but it touched me deep inside. I called up the station and asked to speak to the RJ. I badly wanted to know from which movie this song was played so that I could download it when I reached work.

When I listened to this song on my laptop, the entire song, my eyes began to mist. The song is nothing great and neither is the music outstanding. But sometimes a song remains with you because of the situation that you are in right now. My mind has been in a turmoil for some time now as regards to my relationship. We've not had the best of times together, and the cracks are more than visible now. But somehow we are pulling along. At times I feel he's just not there when I need him the most and sometimes when I just want him to listen to me, he offers me a solution which I really dont want. I just want him to listen, There is a line in this song which goes, "Jo uljhan main ho mann, main behlaunga". I just want that. I want him to listen to me, humour me, not give me a solution.
As I listened to this song over and over again , I wanted him to understand me and my turmoil.I want him to understand that I need him. I want him to say he will be there for me, no matter what. I want him to say,
"Sang sang yun chaloon tere jaise tera aasman".

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I love music. Period. Infact at times my mind refuses to work if there is no music playing somewhere near me. I was not like this during my school days, but hostel life got me hooked to it. I realized it was much better being friends with music and of course books. (but all this some other day).

Coming to music, somehow I'm not at all into english music of any kind, although I eat, drink and live the language. Invariably it is hindi music that I am completely hooked to. My ipod is jam packed with hindi songs from all generations across all genres. I am a sucker for meaningful lyrics, so its not a surprize that I am a humongrously huge fan of Gulzar Saab. I also love Javed Saab, Sahir Ludhianvi and Kaifi Azmi. And somehow I find Prasson Joshi's lyrics very profound. I recently got tagged (yet again) on hi 5 on "my all time favorite songs", so i thought why not do a blog post on that. So without much delay and dilly dallying, here i go with my all time favourite songs (ofcourse hindi songs -:)

1. Mera kucch samaan tumhaare paas pada hain - Ijazaat

This has to be one of the greatest songs, lyrically. The emotions put forward in the form of words remain unparalled even today. This has to be Gulzar Saab's best work as a lyricist. Lyrics which move every heart. The song has a mesmerizing queue of words, which feels like it should never end.

2. Mere mehboob qayamat hogi - Mr X in Bombay

This song is from the movie mr x in bombay. a beautiful song sung by the evergreen kishore kumar. its one of the few songs which has a slight revengeful overture in it, inspite of being labelled as a love song.

meri tarah tu aahe bhaare

tu bhi kisi se pyaar kare

aur rahe wo tujhse pare

tune o samam dhaye hai sitam

to yeh tu bhool na jaana ki na tujh par bhi inayat hogi........

3.Na Jaane kyun hota hai yeh zindagi - Choti si Baat

A beautiful song frm a middle of the road movie.This song revolves around a middle class couple. It talks about how one person becomes the crux of your life and when he/she is not around how it affects ur daily life. Even the slightest of an incident or a thing makes you miss that person so immensly.

na jaane kyu hota hai yeh zindagi ke saath

achanak yeh mann

kisi ke jaane ke baad

kare phir uski yaad choti choti si baat.......

4. Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai - Guide

This song perhaps describes the human being perfectly. With words like "aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai aaj phir marne ka irada hai, the lyricist manages to capture the very essence of life so beautifully. The zest and exuberance of this song remains unparalled even today and Waheedaji is looking her lovelist best in this song. Her happiness at being freed of life of confinement reaches out to the listener and one cannot help but feel like dancing along with her.

5. Mera jeevan kora kaagaz kora hi reh gaya - Kora Kaagaz

Mera Jeevan Kora Kaagaz, kora hi reh gaya. This songs talks about a relationship between a man and wife who could not stay together inspite of being deeply in love.The end scene of this movie is so poignant when Jaya asks her husband, "kya saari galti meri thi?" to which Vijay anand replise, "kuch tumhari, kuch meri, kuch hum dono ki." It just means it takes two to keep and nurture a relationship.

6. Jo tumko ho pasand wohi baata karenge - Safar

Jo tumko ho pasand wohi baat karenge,tum din ko agar raat kaho raat kahenge.Wow what a divine thought!!!! One of my personal favourites. It talks about unselfish love which is so rare nowadays. Lucky are those who have someone who echoes this for them.

7. Kabhi kuch pal jeevan ke - Rang Birangi

A nice song from yet another middle of the road movie. Sparkling comedy about a meddling friend whose attempt to rekindle the spark in his friend's relationship with his wife of seven years leads to complications to their lives, and to the lives of his secretary and her boyfriend he has not 'scripted' ...This song talks about all those beautiful moments of coutship period and tells you to get the romance back into your life. So what if you are married guys. Tell your partner you love them.

8. Tujhse naraaz nahi zindagi - Masoom

Yet another gem from Gulzar Saab. There are so many times in our lives when we are confronted with questions to which we have no answers. This song talks about those moments in life when life itself becomes a question for us. Amazing music by Pancham Da makes this song a lyrical delight. The song has two vwersions, one sung by Lataji and another one by Anoop Ghosal. I like Anoop's version more for the sheer poetry in the last:

Zindagi tere gam ne hame, Rishtey naye samjhaye,

Mile jo hame dhoop main mile, Chaaon ke thande saaye.

9. Badi sooni sooni hai - Mili

One of the best yet unrecognized song of kishore da. Somehow i feel this song never got the due it desrved. This song talks about the loneliness of a man. A man who never got his parents love as a child. As a consequence of which he is suspicious of anyone who tries to get a little friendly with him. This song reflects his nature the best when he sings:

badi sooni sooni hai zindagi yeh zindagi

Main khud se hun yahan ajnabi ajnabi.....

10. Teri Khushboo main base khat - Jagjit Singh

Sung by ghazal maestro, Jagjit Singh, this has to be one of his best. In the age of e-mails and insensitive sms this ghazal is a reminder of an era gone by. The sensitivity of this ghazal remains unparalled even today.

11. Aap ki nazron ne samjha - Anpadh

This has to be one of the most beautiful songs of Lataji symbolising a woman perfectly. a woman whose aspirations dreams desires all start and end with her man, who is her anchor as well as strength. I would sing this for my man.

12. Mann ma anand anand chayo - Vijeta

The song/ bhajan lets a shiver run down my spine, for the power it has. Sung in the morning raga, this bhajan/thumri, literaly means- with the sun rising-darkness diminishes, and the dawn brings in happiness everywhere.

I tag everyone who reads this post to list their favourite all time songs.

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My friend recently had a baby girl. This got me started on thinking on what I would want to tell any daughters I might have in the future, so I started trying to think of what it was important to tell someone I cared about, who was just starting to date.These are the things which I had picked up and figured out in my life as a girl and woman.

Women mature faster then boys, but only physically.
Older boys feedthe 'mature faster' line to younger girls for two reasons.
One, they know older boyfriends are status symbols for younger girls; and two, they know younger girls are more malleable - so they can probably get them to do what they want.
It is not a sign of social status to be dating a 25 year old when you are 17.
It means you are gullible and naive, and he's being contemptous of you as a person.
It probably also means he doesn't think he's good enough to be with an adult.


Boy's lie, men don't . . . (well, not as often).
Boys just want you to not be mad at them, (at least right now).
They tend to think in the short term, and always like to live in the moment.
They can be a lot of fun.
You just don't want to rely on them.
Men know that eventually - what they do and the type of person they are is going to catch up to them.
It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but its still going to be out there.
They also know its better to have a small fight today, then a big fight tomorrow.
Or a huge fight next week. Or a divorce in a year.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Four Great Questions:
Who are you?
What do you want?
Why are you here?
Where are you going?
Most of us never completely answer these questions.
We shy away from them, because we're not sure of the answers ourselves.
But they are intrinsic to human happiness, because inside yourself, inside of everyone, some part of us is always asking these questions of ourselves.
Many hide from them, ashamed or afraid of the answers they would have to give, if they were being honest with themselves.
There is nothing wrong with making a mistake, or a bad choice.
Or simply not knowing the answer.
But there is a problem when you become so scared, that you run from these questions.
Your courage will always have to come from within yourself.
Others may give you hope, or a good reason for your courage, but it will always have to come from within yourself.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009


Valentine's Day's wishlist:

Some pray to marry the man they love, my prayer will somewhat vary: I humbly pray to heaven above that I love the man I marry.
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You have to be happy with who you are, before you can be with someone else.
This sounds simple, but its actually fairly tricky.
The only time when someone else really makes you angry, is when you see in them parts of yourself you don't like.
If you don't like who you are, you can't be happy with someone else.
Now everyone needs someone else in their life to be happy.
We are social animals, we are designed through evolution and socialization to seek to be a part of something with someone else.
But if there are no parts of yourself you really like, all you will ever see in someone else is your own failings.
Their cowardice becomes your cowardice.
Their lies become your own dishonesty.
Their anger merely reflects your rage.
Their inability to change, to grow into something more, is really just your own resentment at your own obstinancy.
Your own anger that you can't grow into something more.
Your own fear of changing.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I just did this on facebook. I got tagged for the first time and was really upbeat about it. So here are 25 random things about me

1. I enjoy writing more than dentistry.
2. I have a penchant for falling in love with committed men.
3. I am not particularly fond of children.
4. I absolutely love Gulzar Saab.
5. I am not a morning person at all.
6. I have not been anywhere outside India till now in my life.
7.I love watching reality shows - yes all of them and even like discussing about them.
8. Even though I am not a religious person, I love going to The Golden Temple in Amritsar.
9. I hate animals.
10. I am a very messy person and an equally messy eater.
11. I love buying lingerie for myself.
12. I am a bookworm, a complete book-a-holic, if ever such a word exists. Not only reading but buying, collecting, sorting, indexing them also.
13. I was one of the worst students of science section in my batch. Yet I am the only one who has managed to become a doctor.
14. I suffer from insomnia.
15. I am a cry baby.
16. I get nightmares about being married to a ghoulish looking sardar.
17. As a kid, I used to love using the phrase, 'practice before you preach' without knowing its meaning.
18. I dont know how to drive.
19. I really, really, really want to get a tattoo.
20. I love paper, pens, journals, organizers, highlighters - all the possible stationery items.
21. I believe in fairies, gnomes, pixies and elves.
22. I want to own a farm one day.
23. I am allergic to all metals - all kinds except gold and platinum.
24. I am a congenital myopic.
25. I have pledged my eyes for donation.

I don't know how to tag people in blogger. so anyone reading it please let me know some random things about yourself -:)

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Monday, February 9, 2009


You should know who you want to be, before you go looking for who you want to be with.
The only constant that you will find in this world is that it is changing.
In a thousand different ways, in a thousand different forms.
Tomorrow will be different than today.
And so will you. You will grow, you will learn.
What seems to be life - altering mportant to you today will be less inportant to you tomorrow, and may not mean anything in two years.
You should find someone who respects you, and whom you respect.
They should also help you become the type of person you want to be, and you should be able to help them become who they want to be.
If this isn't the case, why are you with this person - and why are they with you?
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Sunday, February 8, 2009


There is a difference in knowing something in your mind, and in your heart and soul. Intellectually understanding something is very easy.
Its just a question of looking at the information, looking at what you do and don't know and try to make a wise decision.
But heart and soul are different than your mind.
The heart will hold unto things, and never accept things that the mind can easily understand. That boy your mind is telling you to be with, because he's so kind to you, but your heart doesn't have feelings for.
And you dont control your feelings, only your actions.
To me, this is a part of what makes love so special.
The odds of really falling for someone, and having them really fall for you.
These are shots in the dark and they dont happen that often.
But you find someone who makes you feel happy about being you.
Who makes it easy for you to get up in the morning, just so you can see them.
Who makes the hard things easy, just because you know you can be with them later.
Who gives you faith in humanity, because they are a part of it.
This is love, near as I can tell.
Its like they are a part of you, you didnt even know you had until you met them.
The heart recognises and thinks in this language.
It can also hate in this language as well.
The heart takes longer time to heal and learn.
But its only when you know something in your heart that you truly believe it.
Love makes you learn with your heart, not your mind.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009


If you want to know someone, don't ask them what truths they know.
Ask them what lies they need.
We are all much more sensitive, and weaker creatures; then we will ever admit to.
We are all far more scared then we are willing to let on.
We are all far less independent then we would like to be.
Most of us claim that we don't let others negative opinions affect us.
Most of us say we would do the right thing, if no one was looking.
Maybe we would, but many of us wouldn't.
We are never completely who we wish we could be.
We always think we could always stand to be better looking, or smarter.
Kinder, funnier, somehow better.
We all use lies, in different ways, to make ourselves feel better about ourselves.
And yet all of us claim to love truth.
It is tough to look in the mirror and not see who we wish we could be, so we use lies to make ourselves look better.
We are just scared.
We're just imperfect.
We're just human.
We're just taking a little while longer then we'd like to become who we want to be.
There are times in your life when you will build who you are off of a lie, because you can't stand to face the truth.
Oftentimes, this is because we are not yet ready to face this truth.
Its always easier to believe in the myth of pure evil.
Its much harder to learn to understand, to be brave in the face of fear.
To try.
To love.
That's what makes trying so important.
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Monday, February 2, 2009


No one can change your life for you.
You could spend your entire life, utterly miserable and it would never change.
Many are always waiting for something good to happen to them, for that one great shot.
This is wrong.
This is self delusion.
This is just wallowing in your own misery.
Everyone has hurt, everyone has their own confusions.
No one has all the answers. We may think that we do, from time to time, but we don't.
When one thinks they have all the answers, they are suffering from a moment of blindness.
We are all scared, we are all crazy, we are all stupid.
Sometimes we are two out of three, sometimes we are all three.
Do not let these three traps lock you into doing something that you know is wrong, and you later regret.
Do not sit around, waiting for some perfect person to come along and fix your life for you.
It will have to be you who fixes the problems in your life.
No one else can, no one else should.
If another is making all your choices, you are not living your life; you are living the life another has chosen for you.
And the truth is, you only get one.

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