Friday, July 31, 2009


From the time I've gotten engaged, friends and family have been surfing through all the astro sites possible to check out my compatibility with my fiance. He's an aquarian - a quintessential 'cool' guy and I'm a scorpio - a 'possesive' woman. And so far all that I've heard is that tese two sun signs are not compatible in any way. In astrology this is not a traditionally advisable match. Once the newness of the relationship wears off, the two people concerned don't get along well at all. Now i personally do not believe in all this... I feel that even if he was of any other sunsign, my compatibility and comfort level with him would have remained the same....You can definitely have traits of your sun sign but they do not make you the person that you are at the end of the day....lots of other factors play a vital role in shaping up your personality as a whole. Nevertheless I too read through some of the pages on the net but more interestingly i came across something very fascinating....A short list of scorpio women married to aquarius men.....So here goes:

Julia Roberts (scorpio) married to Danny Moder (aquarius)

Demi Moore (scorpio) married to Ashton kutcher (aquarius)

Rebecca Romijin (scorpio) married to Jerry O' Connell


Aishwarya Rai (scorpio) married to Abhishek Bachchan (aquarius)

So from the look of the names above, seems like my fiance and me are in elite company!!!!!!!

Cheers!!!! Here's to the both of us!!!!!!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Dear Papa,

I've just realized that in less than 4 months from now I will no longer be your little girl. I will be happily walking down the married path with the man who has made all the difference in my life.
This letter is just to tell you how lucky I am to be born as your daughter. Thank you for bringing me in to this world, thank you for instilling the right values into me…..thank you for giving me two elder sisters who have been both friends and mentors to me....
Thank you for teaching me to have high standards in life, to work hard and try harder, to have confidence in myself, to be proud of my religion and culture and thank you for always believing in me and letting me be me.
Thank you for making me understand what hard work really means. To appreciate the simple things in life. Never to succumb to comparisons in life. To always put family first. It's a bitter-sweet time for me, as I begin to build a new home of my own and leave a home where I have always been your princess. At one hand the new life beckons me and on the other hand my old, carefree life is slipping away from me. I'll be stepping into a new role of adulthood, into a new role of a wife with lot of new relationships in life and I've had the best example watching you and mom. Your love for each other and the understanding you two share never ceases to surprise me. I just hope I’ll be able to emulate the same love and understanding with my partner.

I'm glad I'll have you to hold my hand while I walk down the path of marriage and step into a new world. I can't promise you that I will not cry at the bidai, but I do promise that you'll always be my hero.
I might get a new last name, but I won't forget where I came from.
I am and I will always be your daughter first, Papa.

Monday, July 20, 2009


As always he's sitting, there, smiling.
I'm so elated.
I wrap my arms around his neck, gently kiss him on the cheek before greeting him,
"Dad, I have so much to tell you......"
I get up with a start.....
Its been over ten years since he's been coming to me in my dreams.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


There comes a time in ones life where the realization that perfection in
ones life does not exist. The possibility that we aren't perfect,
never were perfect and never will be perfect becomes more clear and
more evident then ever before.

Where what we believe and the way we live no longer come hand in hand.
Our beliefs whether it be religious or otherwise, and what we actually
do. We do as we want, or at least in some ways seeming so, maybe out
of a discrete curiosity to serve our own hunger, or because of a need
to satisfy someone else's desires or dreams. Where we see what we want
and not what others want us to see.

There comes a time in ones life where we must face the reality that we
are living life itself, and that life is not living us. Our fate has
not been predetermined, it is not set in stone. We can at any time
change the direction we lead ourselves, we can at any time decide which
road to follow. We become blind to these roads, head down them not
knowing what is hiding beyond the curves. Sometimes finding great
things, other times finding things we'd rather keep hidden. We find
things out about ourselves we'd rather not, things we thought we were
incapable of. It comes down to it, that we are not invisible from
things great or small, good or bad, evil or kind.

The importance of these roads leads us in many directions, teaching us
Life Lessons great and small. These lessons help us to learn and
without them, our realization if life would be much harder to help us
in the next road. The lesson, the triumph or mistake, there is
something to be learnt from it, to be taken away from it. Things do
happen for a reason.

We have the choice to dream, to believe and to believe in our dreams.
At times it may seem hard to grasp that what we believe is right in
front of us. Yet at times it is even harder to hold on to what we

Life is a journey that never ends. It has no destination, no arrival
time and many stops along the way, each one giving us something to take
along with us for the ride. There are those that wait for us at each
stop. Those I believe that have been put there to serve a purpose.
Not all these people are with us for the duration of our journey; some
are there for short periods to teach us something specific, while
others are there to help us through a trying time and to provide
comfort in times of need. These people; friends, teachers, loved ones,
are there for a day, a week, a month. Some are there for longer, they
become the ones we share our lives with, a best friend, a lover,
someone who becomes a permanent part of our being, a part of our heart,
and our soul. They are the ones we gave a part of ourselves to. They
are there to give you life, bring you joy, and even bring you sorrow.
They may stay with you or they may go their separate ways. Because
life is a journey and because it is ours to follow, because it leads us
in many directions with new, different and exciting things to learn,
explore and experience, it sometimes takes us away from these friends.
As they find their own life, we find ourselves growing apart from them.
They do however leave that mark in our lives, in what we do and how we
do it, how we see things, in our heart and in our soul, serving the
purpose ultimately brought to them.

We ourselves are brought here to serve a purpose, one that is unknown
till the right time comes. As it is that we are brought here to serve
a purpose it is also obvious that we are brought here to experience a
wide range of emotions. Happiness, sadness and most importantly of all
LOVE. With love coming from many different aspects in our life,
whether it be family, friends or a lover, it in itself can bring a wide
range of feelings that can come with it. From the certain love of
family, the feelings of friendship, the feeling of having someone to
share all your most prized achievements, and accomplishments, you're
deepest secrets and just someone to share special moments with.
Although all these are the epitome of love the most sacred of all loves
comes from that of a lover, one you can allow yourself to call a
friend, to call family, feelings ranging from lust, romance and true
feelings of everlasting love.

As I sit here reading and writing what I have seem to have learned in my
short time on my journey, I look back and realize that I have a whole
lot more traveling to do, with so much more to explore. My purpose in
life not yet found. My mistakes in life plentiful and very evident,
the lessons learned from them more so.

Through all these experiences and Life Lessons, the biggest things I've
come out of all my journey so far is to never to let anyone discourage
you, don't let someone tell you that you can't do it. Chances are,
they tried and they failed. You never know what you're good at till
you try it, and just because you don't get it the first time, doesn't
mean you'll never get it. Do for yourself first, live your life, live
your dreams, and become your deepest desires. Don't let those with
ambition discourage, they'll only hold you down. Don't be in a hurry
to grow up, there's always time for that, but you can never turn back,
it's never too late to fulfill a dream. Love like you've never loved,
cause you never know what may come of it, and finally dance like no one
else is watching cause it's your dance.

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Friday, July 3, 2009


This post has been selected as Blog Adda's Spicy Saturday Picks....
This post is just to say a thank you to Blog Adda and all the bloggers who read the post, left their valuable comments......When I had started writing this post, I was in a traumatic state of mind...And it was just meant as a rambling on my part....I wanted to vent out and what better way than blogging....
Thank you once again everyone.....
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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Some more rain songs which are my favourite:

Na jaane kahan se aayi hai - Chaalbaaz
This has to be one of the most hilarious rain songs ever in Hindi cinema. The song unlike other rain songs does not give in to lust or passion but is a rather cute song picturised on Sridevi and Sunny Deol. This song is all madness and amusement. Sridevi dressed in the most outrageous outfit combined with an equally over-the-top- headgear is a treat to watch. The gay abandonment wioth which she dances and sings this song relegates Sunny deol to a position of an extra in this song!!!!! Its Sridevi all the way…..

Megha re megha - Lamhe
A very traditional Indian song picturised yet again on Sridevi. This song is all about welcoming sawaan (monsoons) in our lives. The song is set in Rajasthan where celebrating the arrival of the season is done with lot of pomp and show. This song shows Sridevi, all adorned in finery, sitting on the jhoolas with her friends, crooning this song which announces the arrival of rains, thereby bringing in a lot of joy to the people who otherwise live in the desert state yearning for water.. The music by Shiv-Hari and vocals by Lata and Ila Arun make this song a treat to watch. Add to it the beautiful picturisation and not to forget the voyeuristic, pleasurable look on Anil kapoor’s face as he watches the divine Sridevi serenading in the rains.

Aaj rapat jaye to hame na uthiyo - Namak Halal
He is the superstar of the millennium. The best. An institution in himself. So even if its just a paltry rain song, Big B has to be the best even in that. Just check out the way this man can floor you. There is only one word to describe this song and that is HOT. A cartwheel has never appeared this appealing and Smita Patil (in one of her best roles in a commercial movie) has never looked this sensuous on the screen. It’s a personal favourite. Its one of the sexiest rain songs ever.....

Dekho zara dekho barkha ki jhaari - Yeh dillagi
Another Yash Chopra song. This song is not a lyrical gem and neither does it boast of great music so why is it in the list? What makes up for this otherwise ordinary song is the beautiful picturisation and the lead pair. The highlight of this song is the couple. The easy funloving vivacious Kajol paired opposite a gawky, serious, staid and awkward Akshay Kumar makes a lovely picture. The way Akshay overcomes his shyness and gives in to the infectious charm of Kajol is a delight to watch. Matching steps with steps, madness with madess and just not caring is something which Akshay learns from her not only in this song but also in the entire movie.This is one rare onscreen pairing seen in Hindi cinema. I wonder why anyone has not repeated them again?

Scene from Kuch Kuch hota hai
Now please dont ask why this is in the list of rain songs (its my blog).....I just had to include this because its my most favourite rain scenes ever....Sharukh and Kajol are looking so much in love that its just difficult to believe that they are just good friends.....boy...hats off to such beautiful acting....And I love the second when Kajol realized that she is engaged to Salman Khan...the dilemma on her face is to die for...I think even in real life I wont be able to get this expression should I find myself in such a situation....

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