Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sex can be many different things. It can be a weapon, a game, an
adventure, a means of self-expression, an end to loneliness, for
procreation, a stress-reliever, a way to get closer to someone, or a
way to drive them away.

We are animals, but also have the ability to do things beyond instinct,
and can choose to act or not act accordingly.

We also live in an age when relationships come and go at light speed.
You can sit in front of a computer and within minutes enter a chat room
and start masturbating with a stranger 2000 miles away. You can find
hundreds of people looking for sex, but the feeling afterwards is often
one of profound emptiness, so you look for another high, and sex itself
becomes a drug.

Maybe the best sex is the comfortable, easy kind in a relationship, when
you have some sense of awareness of the effect on others, not just your
lover, but your family, friends, and who you are.

When all is said and done, you have to live with yourself, and if that
relationship, the most important one of your life, is soured, life can
get very dreary indeed.

Perhaps the best sex you'll ever have is by yourself, when you love and
care for yourself. When you can invite someone you care for to share
this love and acceptance, that is truly satisfying.

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Balvinder Singh said...

Sex is sometime a sublime feeling and at another occasion it is just an animal act.

It all depends in what state of mind one is.

And Gunmeen i compliment you for having written on this subject with such delicacy.

Anonymous said...

I read a post about how sex without any commitment by either partner, emotionless (but not exploitative) but physically pleasurable sex between two adults of any gender or age has been found (in some research) to have no harmful effects on either.

Many religions have condemned sex for pleasure even between married partners, some cultures disapprove of all pleasure (like music, dancing and art) - I feel so long as nobody is hurt, cheated or exploited - sex and all pleasure is fine and healthy.

i am what i am said...

@mrbalvindersingh: thank you sir

@IHM: i believe its an individualistic far as the two consenting adults are ok with in any form is fine....

Sagar said...

I don't know much about sex, being a virgin, and would like to know this much only until i marry, but in my novel a call-girl says to my main protagonist, "Sex without love is just an exercise." These words were a lead by the character, hard to say i created these, but actually, i too think that sex without love is really an exercise, and we can go gym for that.

jaypee said...


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