Thursday, August 2, 2007


So Pratibha Patil becomes the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT OF INDIA. Taaliyaan aur seetiyon ki ghagharahat se inka swagat kijiye. I really dont know what Sonia Gandhi was thinking when she nominated this woman for the post. I mean guys come off it. She looks like a petty grandmother who would come out with a stick if a younger one steals something from her kitchen.
And to top it all she actually claims to be told by some divine power that she would hold the highest post in the biggest democracy of the world. Gawd, how corny can she get!!!!!!

Anyways speaking of powerful women of this great nation... i have to share this with you. I mean how can I not????? If it gets too much too stomach please forgive me.

Guess what Ekta Kapoor has been upto. The mastermind behind the K-serials has just launched her own brand of agarbatti. Yes, you read that correctly. She along with BFF and *prominent* tarot card reader Sunita Menon (who personally scares the *&%^ out of me) launched Ekta’s Karyasiddhi Graha Shanti Dhoop. Apparently if you light one of these everyday…it will change your life immensely. Good lord…erm okay. First Shilpa Shetty with her S2 perfume, now Ekta with her agarbatti! What’s next? Or rather…who?

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Mampi said...

Okay, I dont know if it is providence or what, but there is a link between Pratibha Tai and Ekta babes. Pratibha tai is totally superstitious and Ekta babes has launched this agarbatti to aid the old woman in her baba-ism that she ws trying to spread through one of her maiden speeches.
To me, Pratibha is "Pratibha Who?" Hell, no one knew her and to think that she is the one who has replaced an Abdul Kalam is the biggest joke India could have witnessed in the Rashtrapati(Patni, amma, behan, whatever) bhavan.
Phew, I had to say this here.

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