Thursday, July 2, 2009


Some more rain songs which are my favourite:

Na jaane kahan se aayi hai - Chaalbaaz
This has to be one of the most hilarious rain songs ever in Hindi cinema. The song unlike other rain songs does not give in to lust or passion but is a rather cute song picturised on Sridevi and Sunny Deol. This song is all madness and amusement. Sridevi dressed in the most outrageous outfit combined with an equally over-the-top- headgear is a treat to watch. The gay abandonment wioth which she dances and sings this song relegates Sunny deol to a position of an extra in this song!!!!! Its Sridevi all the way…..

Megha re megha - Lamhe
A very traditional Indian song picturised yet again on Sridevi. This song is all about welcoming sawaan (monsoons) in our lives. The song is set in Rajasthan where celebrating the arrival of the season is done with lot of pomp and show. This song shows Sridevi, all adorned in finery, sitting on the jhoolas with her friends, crooning this song which announces the arrival of rains, thereby bringing in a lot of joy to the people who otherwise live in the desert state yearning for water.. The music by Shiv-Hari and vocals by Lata and Ila Arun make this song a treat to watch. Add to it the beautiful picturisation and not to forget the voyeuristic, pleasurable look on Anil kapoor’s face as he watches the divine Sridevi serenading in the rains.

Aaj rapat jaye to hame na uthiyo - Namak Halal
He is the superstar of the millennium. The best. An institution in himself. So even if its just a paltry rain song, Big B has to be the best even in that. Just check out the way this man can floor you. There is only one word to describe this song and that is HOT. A cartwheel has never appeared this appealing and Smita Patil (in one of her best roles in a commercial movie) has never looked this sensuous on the screen. It’s a personal favourite. Its one of the sexiest rain songs ever.....

Dekho zara dekho barkha ki jhaari - Yeh dillagi
Another Yash Chopra song. This song is not a lyrical gem and neither does it boast of great music so why is it in the list? What makes up for this otherwise ordinary song is the beautiful picturisation and the lead pair. The highlight of this song is the couple. The easy funloving vivacious Kajol paired opposite a gawky, serious, staid and awkward Akshay Kumar makes a lovely picture. The way Akshay overcomes his shyness and gives in to the infectious charm of Kajol is a delight to watch. Matching steps with steps, madness with madess and just not caring is something which Akshay learns from her not only in this song but also in the entire movie.This is one rare onscreen pairing seen in Hindi cinema. I wonder why anyone has not repeated them again?

Scene from Kuch Kuch hota hai
Now please dont ask why this is in the list of rain songs (its my blog).....I just had to include this because its my most favourite rain scenes ever....Sharukh and Kajol are looking so much in love that its just difficult to believe that they are just good friends.....boy...hats off to such beautiful acting....And I love the second when Kajol realized that she is engaged to Salman Khan...the dilemma on her face is to die for...I think even in real life I wont be able to get this expression should I find myself in such a situation....

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Mampi said...

thats a great collection, a chain somehow. Its not just a putting together of songs, it was something more. Chronology? Perhaps that is what appealed.

Indyeah said...

I find the first song really cute too Gunmeen :)

and agree with all the words you have used to describe this madcaper of a song:D:D

I love the second one too :))
really beautiful song na?:))

Kuch kuch hota hai?
I LOVE that movie:)))))

and its raining in Delhi:))
yippieie!! finally!!
there is a god up there :D:D

and now off to listen to baarishwala songs:))))

i am what i am said...

@mampi: yeah now, when i lokk at the list again it does seem like a chronology....but you know what it never was meant to be that way....glad it happened and thanks for pointing it out...the list indedd looks more appealing after your observation....

i am what i am said...

@indyeah: yeah its a mad song and i really love it....kuch kuch hota too i love that movie and inspite of all the things i have to hear when i watch that movie...i have to see it wenever its playing on tv or cable...
yes it has finally started raing in calcutta too...thank god...yeah go on listen to the songs...
keep writing
good wishes always

Anonymous said...

good good... !!!

another one i must add...

tip tip tip baarish shuru ho gayi... !!! :)

i am what i am said...

@hitchwriter: dhiren is this song fropm aamir khan movie 'afsans pyaar ka' ?????

Jagjit said...

Nostalgic I must say. I love all these songs and you brought them together. Thanks Gunmeen. What makes it better if it's raining like mad in Bombay. :) keep writing. tc.

Aniket said...

Ahh... those 'Aaj rapat' days. Good times. :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes... !!

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