Friday, July 31, 2009


From the time I've gotten engaged, friends and family have been surfing through all the astro sites possible to check out my compatibility with my fiance. He's an aquarian - a quintessential 'cool' guy and I'm a scorpio - a 'possesive' woman. And so far all that I've heard is that tese two sun signs are not compatible in any way. In astrology this is not a traditionally advisable match. Once the newness of the relationship wears off, the two people concerned don't get along well at all. Now i personally do not believe in all this... I feel that even if he was of any other sunsign, my compatibility and comfort level with him would have remained the same....You can definitely have traits of your sun sign but they do not make you the person that you are at the end of the day....lots of other factors play a vital role in shaping up your personality as a whole. Nevertheless I too read through some of the pages on the net but more interestingly i came across something very fascinating....A short list of scorpio women married to aquarius men.....So here goes:

Julia Roberts (scorpio) married to Danny Moder (aquarius)

Demi Moore (scorpio) married to Ashton kutcher (aquarius)

Rebecca Romijin (scorpio) married to Jerry O' Connell


Aishwarya Rai (scorpio) married to Abhishek Bachchan (aquarius)

So from the look of the names above, seems like my fiance and me are in elite company!!!!!!!

Cheers!!!! Here's to the both of us!!!!!!

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Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

awweee I am so happy for you two.. :D god bless!

The Rat... said...

two hoot to horoscopes and sun signs :-P come on dear.. if u really love this guy go ahead...

y comparing urself with rai-bachchan(pity peity)

Solilo said...

Don't get married to a tree first like Ms. Rai. :)) Just kidding.

Wish you both a happy married life ahead.

Renu said...

Though i believe in these signs, but then i always believe that is people who make a marriage.

so wishing you a very happy married life !!

Aniket said...

I was never a believer of astrology. But I do believe in personality types and their compatibility. I am an INFJ, looking out for an INFP/INFJ girl. :P

Anonymous said...

Well,I just don't believe in Sun signs or the western astrology(I am assuming that's what you are talking about here).But then again how much can you rely on Moon signs or the Vedic astrology also!!
If you really love the guy and all is hunky dory between you two,Hello!You are there :)

And how's the guy like?We wanna know.Once again congratulations :)

Vikas Gupta said...

Congratulations on your finding the knight in the shining armour!

I have been following you on Google Reader though not coming here for comments.

All the best.

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