Saturday, May 23, 2009


What do I want from life? I’ve really been trying hard to figure this out and know what I want. And I think that figuring this out is something that everyone should probably do. But it really is hard to figure out. I don’t even think I know it all yet...but still, what do I want?
I guess I’ll start what I know:

• I want to be the type of person who is liked and respected by others.
• I want to experience love, savour it and keep it with me for the rest of my life
• I want my life to make sense.
• I want closure, to be able to forgive and forget.
• I want to enjoy what I know of life.
• I want to make a difference as a human being.

And I think that, above all, I just want to be happy.
Truly happy.
The kind of happy that comes from fulfillment and contentment from what I have in life. That is what I want. But how do I get happiness? I think equally important to knowing that I want happiness in life is knowing how to get it.

So, then for my next question...What makes me happy? This I’ve discovered, is all about the little things. So, what makes me happy?

• reading a really good book
• eating tonnes of ice cream
• the autumn in Kolkata
• gossiping with my sisters
• being alone, with all the space I need to think
• watching a really, really good movie
• having deep conversations with someone I didn’t know could think that way
• laying in bed after a hard day of work, knowing that I really accomplished something
• realizing that I truly care about someone and that that vulnerability is ok with me
• learning something new and cool
• hanging out with friends who know EXACTLY who I am and don’t care
• laughing so hard that I feel like I’ve been doing sit-ups

There’s so much more that makes me happy, but in reality, most of those things are the smaller details in life. Maybe that’s just what I have to focus on - the little things. Just living. Making the most of what I have right now.Granted, I don’t know if being happy is the meaning to life, perhaps it’s not - but I don’t know of any other way to go right now, and at least this gives me something to fashion my life around right now...

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Preeti said...

Its really good if u have figured out what you want from life ...I am still clueless ...:-)

life is truely lived in theses simple moments of being with your ow self and with people you love ...

my you get what ur heart desires ..:-)

Aniket said...

You should must watch the play "Shakkar ke paanch daane" if you ever get a chance.

Its all about priorities and the questions you've put up here. The little tiny joys of life that we tend to ignore. Friends that we take for granted. Love that is kept unspent.

But the pleasure in finding those answers for oneself. That quest is most daunting and yet most satisfying.

And I believe that there is no "perfect" way to live life... anything satisfying is worth it.

All the best. :D

Even I wonder: "How would history remember me? What would be my contribution to it?" :)

Solilo said...

Does anyone know what they want from life?

Enjoy as the moments come in and be prepared for some at least. :)

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet, simple post. :)

Love this one - laughing so hard that I feel like I’ve been doing sit-ups :D

The Geekie said...

i see luciditiy in this post...loved it

b happy...keep smiling :)

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