Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I enter the empty house, picking your post-it from the floor, again.
"Gone to get dinner, BRB."
But you never did.
The scent on your pillow is spent.
I sleepwalk through days.
I dream most nights.
Cars crash.
Muggers mug.
Hearts stop, not mine.
I put the post-it back on the fridge.
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Aniket said...

Sheer Awesomeness!

So much said there.

Girish Banwari said...

Stupendous work, simply outstanding....u've almost mastered the art of creating magic in just 55 words...

i am what i am said...

@aniket: thank you aniket

@girish: thank you so much girish

SGD said...

55 words and you express so much...the loss, the starkness, the fact that life goes on despite it all....
Beautiful ..

Solilo said...

Gunmeen, This is sheer brilliance. This magic of words. One of the best I have read.

Sagar said...

the third best 55 words i got, well the first two includes one your and one of KI...truly awesome.

i am what i am said...

@SGD: thanks. i'm glad you liked it so much.

@solilo: thank you so much solilo. i'm truly touched by your words

i am what i am said...

@sagar: thank you so much sagar.

Indian Home Maker said...

Oh my God... gave me goose bumps. Lovely!

i am what i am said...

@IHM: thank you so much

The Geekie said...


PULKIT said...

55 Fiction at its best!


I am following your page too!
tc god bless!

i am what i am said...

@geekie: thanks

@pulkit: thank you pulkit. i'm glad you liked it.

Dewdrop said...

Wow! sent a shiver! Nice!

i am what i am said...

@dewdrop: thank you dewdrop. glad you liked it.

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