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I was tagged by IHM to list down things which are emotional atyachar for me.
These are just the few things which make me see red:

1. Rude people. I cant stand rudeness thats it. Especially when I'm being polite, trying to be reasonable and the other person is hell bent on making it ugly.

2. Indian media, especially electronic. Their know-it-all-attitude, leaves a bad taste in the mouth and to a certain extent even exposes the ignorance of media to certain sesnsitive issues. The Indian media has especially been insensitive while covering the Mumbai carnage.

3. Bias against sexual minorities. I mean why is a person's sexual orientation more important than the person he/she is ? Does being straight make me a better person than them who have different preferences. No. At the end of the day ther person remains the same so why be biased ?

4. Gender inequality in all spheres of life. Why is it ok for a man to be "sexually promiscous" while a woman behaving that way is considered a slut? Why do many fathers tell their "to have fun" while telling their daughters they should not? Why is that sons get to inherit properties but not daughters? Why is marital rape not considered a crime? Why is a woman not entitled to equal rights in bed?

5. Terrorism in any form. Not necesssarily bombs and killings but also authorities harassing innocent civilians in the name of law amounts to terrorism for me. I mean what kind of law states that your luxury ac car will be used for election duty irrespective of whether you want to give your car or not? Is this not terrorizing innocent people?

6. Insenstivity of any kind - be it in a relationship, to domestic helps, to beggars, to animals, anything. I am totally averse to insenstivity.

7. Riots, goondagrdi and total manmani spearheaded by politicians in the name of religion. Religious intolerance is something which I have never understood.

8. Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC). How can a handful of people decide what an entire country should watch or not?

9. Bad cutomer service, anywhere and wherever. Totally uncool.

10. Nosey relatives asking me when am I getting married. For all them I just have this to say GO FISH.
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Aniket said...

Well am not sure if all fall in the "emotional" category for me... but they sure as hell make me mad too!

Especially the Media's take on things. They are more bothered about SRK and Priyanka than corruption and terrorism.

I totally second all the points you wrote.

And I must say that I seldom agree with anyone on all points. Respect. :D :D

Niti said...

good one

but fyi

daughters can inherit property now
and marital rape is a're subject to 2 months improsenment if reported. i know 2 months is too less..but at least it's acknowledged.

i am what i am said...

@aniket: i am honoured and humbled. thank you aniket :D :D

i am what i am said...

@niti: thanks niti. i agree girls are inheriting properties but how often?i have seen this discrimination right in front of my own eyes. there are exceptions no doubt but even today girls are not inheriting their parental property unless willed to them. yes marital rape is a crime with a 2 month imprisonment. but tell me one thing how many marital rapes get reported? or for that matter how many rapes are reported? there is gender inequality everywhere whether we want to accept it or not.

Niti said...

well that i would have to agree with.. the problems may be solved legally..but socially we still have it all going..I agree..:)

Sumit said...

Agree with you on all counts. regarding, #8, CBFC is a bunch of old dimwits, who live in a time warp, n happen to modernised taliban!!

i am what i am said...

@sumit: thank you so much. you know its really very irritating when someone else is making the decision for you.

Indian Homemaker said...

Loved your list, also because I see red for the same things.

1. Rude people I think rude people generally have issues, aggression, insecurity, complexes...

2. Indian media - I was also saddened and very upset with the way Aarushi case was handled...

3. Bias against sexual minorities - Individual freedom is a constitutional right, but we see it being trampled with excuses like morality and obscenity and culture and tradition :(

4. Gender inequality Absolutely with you on this Gunmeen!! Good questions, we all must blog about these.

5. Terrorism in any form. Another thing we need to question!

6. Insensitivity of any kind hurts me too!

7. Religious intolerance - This is getting worse! Everybody is identifying themselves with their religion... we can't hear a word of criticism, yet are ready to criticize others - so instead of tolerance and live and let live, we see a new wave of my religion is better than yours... our politicians have succeeded it seems!

8. Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC). How can a handful of people decide what an entire country should watch or not?
Absolutely Gunmeen!!9. Bad customer service... we almost accept it like regular power-cuts, just a part of life :(

10. Nosey relatives -
They do more harm then is obvious, this sort of questions make marriage look like the only goal in a girl's life, so her career choices, the way she dresses, her hobbies, her recreation, her friends, her social life, her eduction everything is centered around getting married. Loved your list, some of the points need to discussed in our blogs.

Illeen said...

Quite true..I could see myself agreeing strongly to the points you made about rude people and sexual promiscuity..It's annoying to find people having double standards.

Solilo said...

Gunmeen, I agree with all your points. Esp, about religion. Everyone is out there to criticize other religions and defend their own. It is pathetic. This hypocrisy. Bring down bad points in all religions and shun them. Let us make a better world where there is equality.

As for film certificates I would prefer better certificates like in the US we have. In India we just have U, U/A, A and X and it is difficult to club films in just these 4 categories. I don't think anyone actually cares about these certificates.

Anaka said...

This is probably the least serious out of your list, but what gets to me almost everyday: bad customer service. I hate it when a store makes the customer do half the work and then they act as if you are interrupting them by asking for something.

About religious intolerance. What do you think about us makes us so susceptible to what media or politicians say?

Renu said...

I also feel the same.
But for the son inheriting thew property there was a reason...
1--it was son's responsibility to look after the parents and their obligations.
2--daughters were given dowry and then thru shaguns their whole life something orn the other.

It was a fair deal turned unfair due to some people's biased thinking or greed.

i am what i am said...

@IHM: loved your comment and how wonderfully you have described each of them. I am totally against submission of women to society because the societal laws are totaly unjust and absolutely against the female gender. i do want to discuss the marital rape issue. infact a post is almost on the way. would love to hear from you regarding it.

i am what i am said...

@solilo: i am ok with people who are religious. if you like wearing your religion on your sleeve, you are more than welcome to do it. but criticizing other religions is totally uncalled for. all religions are good all of them preach harmony, peace, love and respect for humanity. then how does intolerance seeps in when the basic core of all religions is the same? solilo, its really irritating to see people turn into monsters during religious riots. its like an animal has overtaken them at that moment. which religion has taught man to behave in this ghastly manner against a fello human being?

i am what i am said...

@anaka: i totally get hyper when i am subjected to bad customer service. it gets on to u. trust me it at least makes me a person which i am just not.

@illen: double standard and hypocrisy is totally uncalled for illeen. i dont get it why there are different set of rules for men and women?

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! :D

Zeba Talkhani said...

Wow. Every one of them gets my blood rushing. #1 happens a lot. #2 is something I truely believe in considering I am a media student. I hope to change that in the long run.

Preeti said...

i read that before ..i doono why I din comment ...I loved the attitude !! and yes its high time to raise a voice against 'rudeness, gender bias,, and emotional blacmailing in marraige'

The Geekie said...

hmm so true...i agree :)

but sometimes i too feel...why gender bias

while in queue dey say girls first..why not boys :O

and sometimes i question myself why ladies quota...why not gents quota..

i hav seen in some cities ...women are given more respect...if we r talking abt equality...shud we raise our voice just for respect???

i just felt this ws just my offence

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