Monday, February 23, 2009


The earth is never in the same place, twice.
A lot of people get confused by this, but its actually the most important thing I've ever learned. The earth is rotating around the sun, but people forget that the sun is rotating.
It is changing its relative position every moment of every day.
And while you might look around, and think you are in the same place you were yesterday, you have moved.
Others have traveled with you, but they have moved as well.
Every one has different experiences, everyone learns something different, and learns differently, along their travels.
No one in the world, or in the history of mankind, understands things quite like you do.
This makes you, and everyone else, specifically unique in the history of the universe.
This is not something to be afraid of.
We are all different, but it is these differences that teach us about ourselves.
About what is important, and what isn't.
Far too many people worry about being normal, about hiding the things that make them feel embarrassed, or awkward.
This is not right.
It is those differences that teach us, and show us what it means to be human.
It is the differences that both define us, and unite us.
The emotions we all seek, the love we all need.
The desire to hold and be held.
That is the nature of humanity.
Always seperate from another, but always the same.
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Vikas Gupta said...

I cannot not second you on this.

By the way, you;ll love this blog by my friend. It's on personal development, love, relationships etc. Highly recommended because both of you are quite like-minded. run by a middle-aged Canadian woman, suffering from Fibromyalgia who also run a blogging help site

J P Joshi said...

This is a very philosphical post and how right you are when you say that, "Always seperate from another, but always the same". Our source is the same but our egos separate us from our source and also from one another. An interesting observation and post.

i am what i am said...

@vikas: thank you so much. i knew you would agree. I will surely look up at your friend's site.

@jp joshi: thank you so much sir. i'm glad you liked the post. looking forward to more comments from you.

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