Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I just did this on facebook. I got tagged for the first time and was really upbeat about it. So here are 25 random things about me

1. I enjoy writing more than dentistry.
2. I have a penchant for falling in love with committed men.
3. I am not particularly fond of children.
4. I absolutely love Gulzar Saab.
5. I am not a morning person at all.
6. I have not been anywhere outside India till now in my life.
7.I love watching reality shows - yes all of them and even like discussing about them.
8. Even though I am not a religious person, I love going to The Golden Temple in Amritsar.
9. I hate animals.
10. I am a very messy person and an equally messy eater.
11. I love buying lingerie for myself.
12. I am a bookworm, a complete book-a-holic, if ever such a word exists. Not only reading but buying, collecting, sorting, indexing them also.
13. I was one of the worst students of science section in my batch. Yet I am the only one who has managed to become a doctor.
14. I suffer from insomnia.
15. I am a cry baby.
16. I get nightmares about being married to a ghoulish looking sardar.
17. As a kid, I used to love using the phrase, 'practice before you preach' without knowing its meaning.
18. I dont know how to drive.
19. I really, really, really want to get a tattoo.
20. I love paper, pens, journals, organizers, highlighters - all the possible stationery items.
21. I believe in fairies, gnomes, pixies and elves.
22. I want to own a farm one day.
23. I am allergic to all metals - all kinds except gold and platinum.
24. I am a congenital myopic.
25. I have pledged my eyes for donation.

I don't know how to tag people in blogger. so anyone reading it please let me know some random things about yourself -:)

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Anonymous said...

Nice post!

#2 - that's me also. Dangerous cycle, I tell you. Run while you can!

#1 - If you ever decide to write a book, let me know. :) You're good!

Sagar said...


Comment: It took few moments of my life, but finally here are the 25
responces for your 25 things...number by number.

1) I always wanted to say that u r in a wrong profession…
2) WO'
3) How can a childlike person like children?
4) Poetic.
5) You read late at night
6) A no-way patriotism
7) Socializing
8) God love this fearlessness…when some1 goes to meet him without means.
9) Do they love you?
10) I had said…childlike.
11) Blogging should be censor-i-zed…well it was nevertheless
Victorais's secret.
12) You have true friends
13) Hating Science make you believe more in spiritualism.
14) You think a lot about the quality of our blog
15) That's why you write so transparent…
16) No Comments! What if Sardars will beat me to comment…
17) Perhaps you too start doing b4 even thinking
18) You must be enough rich…to pay a driver
19) Glamorous…just a bit.
20) Girlish
21) Didn't they gave you a magic stick
22) A true Sikhni
23) Now it's proved: Heart of women knows the difference between metals
24) Oops!
25) A Gr8 Human Being!

अविनाश said...

Indubitably it’s very much evident that you are fond of writing, if that’s more than dentistry? Can’t conclude that, will have to take an appointment with you in your clinic as patient to discern it before I plunge into any conclusion.

Regarding Gulzaar saab, I believe after Mirza Ghalib he is one of the most exceptional lyricist and ghazals he write are too good (don’t know you like ghazals or not)

Nightmare of marrying ghoulish sardar was funny.
And don’t tell me that you are allergic to diamonds also, if it’s so you would be first girl I discern who doesn’t adore diamond.

Just was conjecturing if we write 25 things about our self, every one will find some common bout itself in it, also at the same time will have lots of divergent things…isn’t it?

Something I find that also describes me in your 25 points are:-

I am not a pious person too, don’t believe in deity but respect those who do so.
Books have always been my best friend along with chess board.
I don’t know whether you are Cancerian (zodiac sign) because generally they are insomniacs like me.
Well all we should donate our organs so that it’s used even after we die.
Also I am a muddled eater but improving it as most doesn’t like that.

Thanks for your visit to blog and your precious remark.
Have a nice time.

i am what i am said...

@sydney: thanks yaar. will definitely let you know if i ever write a book.

@sagar: thanks for the random things.

i am what i am said...

@avinash: well do take an appointment only if you have a dental problem. trust me we dentists are not really nice people to know-:)
diamond is a stone yaar and i'm certainly not allergic to it at all. I agree with you completely on this-something common yet uniquely individualistic is what helps us to be the person that we are. I am a scorpio but looks like I share this trait with cancerians. And marrying a ghoulish looking sardar is a recurring nightmare for me. dont know if you know any sardars, but they are truly an ugly lot, most of them. so just keeping my fingers crossed.
as always i look forward to your comments. i enjoy reading them. thanks for stopping by.

Pesto Sauce said...

Been here first time.....

25 very interesting facts, surely sound interesting

Unknown!!! said...

ok so the purpose of writing this is to generally catch the attention of the reader or u really mean it..
with the very second point I was shocked :)
A friend tagged me, I didnt know what to write but now I understood..
I see we share only the 3rd point
I'm quite a religious person, I dont indulge in heavy puja stuff, but atleast once a day I pray

Vikas Gupta said...

OMG, 18 out of 25 characters match!

We are similar in many ways!

I have been asked by Indian Home Maker to do a 25 random things tag on myself; I 'll do it later but wil invite you to read it whenever I do it!

P.S.: Don't mind my suggestion to remove the snapshot that I gave in another comment. It is your blog and you do what you like best. It is about personal satisfaction.

i am what i am said...

@vikas: waiting for your list. and no i did not mind your suggestion at all. infact it is quite irritating and i was thinking of removing it myself. will do it now.

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