Sunday, February 8, 2009


There is a difference in knowing something in your mind, and in your heart and soul. Intellectually understanding something is very easy.
Its just a question of looking at the information, looking at what you do and don't know and try to make a wise decision.
But heart and soul are different than your mind.
The heart will hold unto things, and never accept things that the mind can easily understand. That boy your mind is telling you to be with, because he's so kind to you, but your heart doesn't have feelings for.
And you dont control your feelings, only your actions.
To me, this is a part of what makes love so special.
The odds of really falling for someone, and having them really fall for you.
These are shots in the dark and they dont happen that often.
But you find someone who makes you feel happy about being you.
Who makes it easy for you to get up in the morning, just so you can see them.
Who makes the hard things easy, just because you know you can be with them later.
Who gives you faith in humanity, because they are a part of it.
This is love, near as I can tell.
Its like they are a part of you, you didnt even know you had until you met them.
The heart recognises and thinks in this language.
It can also hate in this language as well.
The heart takes longer time to heal and learn.
But its only when you know something in your heart that you truly believe it.
Love makes you learn with your heart, not your mind.

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Latin Sardar said...

very well said...

Dewdrop said...

Love truely makes the world go round!!!

Onthewingsofadream said...

true ..and so well put in words ...

Sagar said...

3) Now For LOVE TEACHES heartbeats

i am what i am said...

@latin sardar : thanks

@dewdrop: they say love is life.

@onthewingsofadream: thank you

@sagar: thanks

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