Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It never seemed to slip so damn easily.
Never before had the way been lost with such routine.
Again and again we fall into the lightless drudge of our worldly lives.
See only the harsh, well-defined aspects of an agreed upon society.
Feel only the lying, cheating souls of some sort of ‘moral decay'.
Dwell upon forces of chaotic pain and inextinguishable guilt for loved ones.
Living and acting in relationships framed of pride and the deepest jealousy.
Endlessly running to our jobs that make us sick to provide for the families we never have time to see or love.
And yet we wonder ‘what the hell could be wrong?'
The realization is in the release of all these patterns of illogical behavior.
Yet that is not enough, we must also abandon our logic.
We can always glimpse the divine, but never can our eyes rest upon it.
Those moments of pure harmony with all that is, are the moments we must hold on to.
When the formerly separate and indescribable becomes crystal clear and all attempts at any Euclidian logic are worthless.
This eternal loss of time and aspect is the true nature of god and ourselves.
It's the point at which our self is dissolved into the endlessness of our world and a true peace may be found.
To truly live we must accept both and all aspects of our lives and hold them with the same importance and gravity as all the rest.
We must understand that good, evil, truth, and lies are all aspects of the same, none of which are relative but all are absolute.
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Dewdrop said...

U have been tagged!!! :)

R.K. said...

Endlessly running to our jobs that make us sick to provide for the families we never have time to see or love.

Thats so true, and so ironic !!

Rahul Viswanath said...

Another great post .... add on to your basket of writing assets :)

Vikas Gupta said...

Off topic!

Great header! :D

Anand said...

Well written. I like !!

Ill visit u more.
Anand. :-)

i am what i am said...

@dewdrop: thanks i have replied on your blog.

@rk: thanks. hope you enjoyed the entire post.

@rahul: thank you

@vikas: hi welcome back and thank you so much i was kinda gettin bored seeing the same header for days now.

@anand: thank you. will look forward to more of your comments.

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