Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am a child making mistakes
I am an adult who is living my life
I am a human that bleeds when hurt
I am a person who cries when truly touched
I am the average one that everyone over looks
I am the eye that catches your glance
I am the blush that catches you off guard
I am the woman before your eyes
I am a mother who protects the weak
I am a daughter for my parents to guide
I am a sister when there is no where else to turn to
I am a lover that caresses in ways you dream of
I am a friend to those who wish it
I am a student so that I may learn
I am a teacher so that I may teach
I am the answer to the questions unasked
I am the question to answers unfound
I am a tree rooted in the forest
I am a cloud drifting by
I am a grain of sand ever shifting
I am a flame flickering in the breeze
I am a healer so that I may help
I am a hag who is there to nag
I am a people watcher so I may truly see
I am a psychic so that I can see beyond myself
I'm a soul searcher that knows who I really am
I am who I am
So who are you?
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tushu said...

It is a very strange poem, if u choose to call it that, you seem to be a very intense person, you have written about six enemies hanging from the trees, that does not match your profile though, it is surprising, you seem to be very interesting. You can read my blog 'tushur prolap' its totally different

Pinku said...

and I am what those around make of me and then some more....

Happy to meet you.

Aniket said...

Pillow to fight

Shoulder to cry

A dance in the moonlight

A mind to fry

The morning smile

A pearly tear-drop

That extra mile

A credit-card to shop

Pillar of support

Belief to fly

Gentleman and a sport

Little flirt, little shy

Wintery snowfall

Spring air flush

A Miss-you call

A Cheek to blush

Thrill of fright

Daily delight

Your flying kite

A kiss good night

I’ll be everything

You want me to

For my darling,

I’ll always love you…

PS: This was my post on a friends blog... felt apt to share here... :P

Your post was a very good read. Nicely Done. :-)

Grisham Benz said...

each one of us has multiple facets to our personality.....multiple identities, all inter-woven n meshed together, into this one whole, this one person called 'I'....each one of us plays multiple roles onto this stage called 'The World' à la's this diversity n multiplicity that gives each one of us a unique identity....i'll end before it gets too complicated...

Solilo said...

I am what I am :)

i am what i am said...

@tushu: thanks i will surely drop by.

@pinku: just what i expected.

@aniket: wow!!!! beautiful.better than what i have written

i am what i am said...

@grisham: its not complicated at all. you made a lot of sense.

@solilo: LOL!!!!!!

Daneb said...

hey..well written...!!!
i thnk the question ..."I AM WHO I AM" not jst a query, bt wch gives meaning & defines the vry existance of our life. i guess we all need to transcend from the boundaries of our mind,n reach out fr the realms of consciousness if wish we hope to understand the real "I" in us...

अविनाश said...

nicely composed
wassup in life...sorry cudnt mek 2 ur blog 4 long time as work and personal prbs has kept be screwed..hope 2 catch u soon
god bless

i am what i am said...

@daneb: thank you. your words convey a great deal. very nice and thank you for stopping by.

@avinash: no sweat yaar. life is ok you tell me. seems that you had a tough time. hope everything is on track now. missed your posts and comments on my posts. hopping over to your blog right now

Anonymous said...

I have written something similar.. was so happy to see this write :)

I came from Hitchwriters blog :)

i am what i am said...

@mylifeinrhymingwords: thank you so much. i'll hop over to your blog rightaway. want to read what you wrote.

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