Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Two friends, living in two different time zones, chatting on gtalk or yahoo with a solitary phone call now and then. Each one busy in their own world with less and less common topics to talk about.
A typical coversation between the two:
First friend: hi there
Second friend: hello
First friend: how's life????
Second friend: great, going on!!!!!
First friend: Kaam vaghera
Second friend: bus going on. how's life????
First friend: good yaar!!!!!

The conversation reaches a dead end as both of them are thinking what to say next. Suddenly from both the sides come the words or the variants like "aur sunao??? what else???? whats happening???"
now isnt this common with most of us??? how many times have we strutted and stammered over a converaation like this when we have run out of words. Whenever we dont have anythinh to say, we pass the buck over to the other person and wait. What does AUR SUNAO, WHAT ELSE actually mean. It just means tell me something new about what is happening in your life or something that I heard from someone but want to hear from your mouth.
-when are you getting married?
-when are you getting a pay rise?
-how is your love life?
-when are you leaving your partner?
- when did you get hitched?
in short gimme the gossip babe!!!!!

So dear friends, followers and visitors and everyone who is reading the post

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Sameer said...

How true... Well many times u really get locked when u got nothing no?
I play a change in such cases... when I got nothing to talk about I just say "You look Miserable, You sure something not wrong?"

Sameer Shaikh

Grisham Benz said...

aur sunao...

moon's muse said...

Bas yaar nothing much happening,same old stuff.You tell me,wassup up?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

First timer here
Running out of words & conversation.
Happens in chat ,with friends and among spouses too..& when it does happen,how to take it forward ?..looks I have run out of words too
On seriuos note,an everyday happening very nicely brought out by You

Pinku said...

How about relaying a bit of the latest office gossip or talk about the new dress you bought? Those aur sunao's are a desperate attempt at trying to connect in a world connected through multiple medium and yet lacking the warmth of a friendly chat.

i am what i am said...

@sameer i bet people take this as a cue and start cribbing....i wonder how you handle that????

@grisham benz nothing much yaar you did not "sunao" kuch????

@moon's muse same here too will post if something comes up.

i am what i am said...

@compassion unlimited thanks for stpping by. i will go through your archives.

@pinku just bought some new ang rakha style suits. and as far as the office gossip is concerned, its a regulkar catfight at our clinic. come to think of it, it could well be a potential post. will do it soon. and u bet its asignof waning friendship, at least for me.

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