Sunday, January 11, 2009


Another talk show!!!!yawwwnnnnn!!!!!A host of celebrities!!!what's new?????Wannabe stars performimg on stage!!!!baaahhh.........Nerdy jokes!!!!so downmarket...........Wise cracks at fellow celebrities!!!!!totally LS I tell you..............

When Simi Garewal entered our living rooms via the idiot box, it was a treat for our sore eyes. The first of its kind, 'Rendevouz with Simi Garewal' was not only a chat show, it was a place where celebrities bared their hearts. The lady in white managed not only to capture the hearts of her guests but also us, the viewers. Since then, lots of people have burnt their fingers while tryinf to host a talk show, the latest being Farhan Akhtar (the less said about him, the better). KJo did manage to do a decent outing (but then most of the guests were his personal friends). And lets not even talk about Koel Purie. (dont want to waste my precious blog space on her!!!!!).

So when I heard about a new talk show on NDTV Good Times, I was like yeah right. Why dont we talk about something new. I was really not going to watch another talk show. And I did miss the first episode of it very gladly so coz I dont get NDTV good times on my set. But then on monday morning, I was greeted with a barrage of smses asking me if I did see 'The First Ladies' hosted by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. I was literally forced to search for online videos of the show and I managed to watch the first and second episodes featuring Nita Ambani and Jaya Bachhan on the same day that is last night. And what I saw surprized me completely. Here's a quick post mortem of the show that promised to be different and it delivered rightly so!!!!!

Making a quiet debut on the television are India's well known designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla with "The First Ladies". The show aptly titled zooms into the lives of 12 women with a powerful surname, who have backed their men all the way. The wives, who sustain, inspire and of course share the exalted status and heady success of their super achiever husbands.

The show has a well laid out format and presentation. Abu and Sandeep have designed the sets themselves keeping the theme in mind. The ambience of the set is perfect keeping the status of the guests in mind. Thankfully there are no distractions like prformances and spoofs which seem to be a staple feature in other talk shows. This is purely, truly speaking a talk show where the guests talk about love. life, marriage and what makes them tick. The focus is completely on the guest. It is a conversation style interview and the hosts are clearly seen enjoying listening to their guests.

The show also has some sections like 'Hooked, Booked and Cooked' , 'Confession Time' (in this section , the lights dim out creating the perfect atmosphere for the guests to confess their naughtiest deeds), 'Quick Grills' , 'Qustion Time with Friends' and "Who's the Boss? (my favourite where the hosts ask a flurry of questiond and decides who calls the shots at home).

Coming to the guests, Nita Ambani was the perfect first guest to kick start this show. You get to see Nita as you have never seen her before. The First lady of Indian Corporate, she takes her name and success in her stride and clearly loves being referred to as "Mukesh's wife". The brain behind Reliance Retail and chairperson of Dhirubhai Ambani International school, Nita Ambani takes her role as a educationist very seriously. In the show, on being asked if there was one thing which she always wanted to do, but could not do it by none other than SRK, she says honestly that she wished she could have pursued dance which was her true vocation. A small AV sent by Mukesh revealed how much he looked upto Nita both as a wife and a partner. And one thing you always notice about her is the serene calmness on her face. you have to give thelady full marls for her graciousness and poise. Like Sandeep said 'she is the most envied lady in the country'.

Jaya Bachchan,who was the second guest, on the other hand was a nice change after the serious Nita Ambani in the first episode. Jaya is known for her witty responses, tongue-in-cheek humour and vivaciousness. And the camaradrie she shares with the hosts was evident as the actress sports mostly Abu -Sandeep ensembles and happen to be her favourite designers. Jaya talks about her marriage with AB, the life they share together and their roles as parents while remaining true to their passion in life - acting. On being asked which role she clearly enjoys today - daughter, wife, mother or grandmother by Maharani Padmini Devi of Jaipur, Jaya was at her candid best when she replied - of course, grandmother. no responsibility! A politician and actor par excellence she gives out the recipe for a perfect marriage. Catch her on the episode where Jaya reveals how she fell in love with India's superstar!!!!!

The hosts, Abu and Sandeep, are a nice change from the bollywood celebrities. They do not come with any pre conceived notions about their guests. Sandeep is clearly more verbal, talkative and vociferous than Abu who takes a quiet back seat as he lets his partner do most of the interview. Sandeep and Abu are completely at ease with their role as hosts and are not at all over awed by their famous guests. They held the fort quite comfortably and for not once did I feel that they were first time hosts.

All in all a wonderful watch. I am looking forward to all the episodes of this refreshing chat show where the wives bare it all, where one can expect "witty repartee and refreshing candour" with the hosts.


Sameer said...

Good Read

Sameer Shaikh

Trinaa said...

hmmmm..i need to catch this show sometime soon then!

btw..i liiiike farhan! dumb jokes n all :P

i am what i am said...

@trinaa i like farhan too but not as a host of a talk show. he cant pull it off. in fact there even speculation that he wud soon be replaced by kjo. you just cant be good at everything right???

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