Thursday, January 22, 2009


Rejection/Failure sucks, never trying is always worse.
Love is difficult, it is painful, and there are always things that will go wrong.
Love will make you hurt worse then you ever imagined you could.
Love will make you crazy, blind, and more then you ever imagined you could be.
Love is not supposed to be easy.
If it were, it wouldn't be appreciated the way it is.
Love is supposed to be difficult.
We are social creatures.
Our children are our links to the future.
Our parents are our guides to the past.

I regret the guys I never got to know better because they didn't feel the way I felt about them. I despise myself for the guys I never got to know as well as I would have liked because I was too scared to try to tell them how I felt about them. I've have made a large number of excuses and justifications for why I didn't tell the guys I cared for the way I felt about them. "They wouldn't have felt the way I did." "They were happier just as friends." "It would have wrecked what I already had with them, and I wanted to keep them around." These were all nice little excuses, but they were really just letting me let fear control my life.

When I gave up getting fearful of failure I ended up being proud of a moment when I told someone I cared about them. After that I've never regretted exposing myself to the risk of rejection. I've never been ashamed of trying to be more then I was. Because that's what love is.

Its attempting to forge a better person in yourself, by connecting to another person in a way different then no one else ever will again. Every love I've ever had has made me grow as a woman. Has made me happier as woman. Has made me braver, stronger, more convinced in the inherent decency of man. Now I probably wouldn't have said that at the time.

There were times that I was sure love was going to suck me up and spit me out, and I've played it conservative. I've seen people who treat love as an excuse to hurt others, or try to patch up their own hurts. This isn't them loving anyone, not even themselves. This is them crying out in the dark for help, for someone else to save them. They don't realize that they have to help themselves. But overall, love is divine.

It is the ultimate exposure of oneself. It is risk, all of who you are, for judgement by another. It is the only time we are really alive. And you can have fun, alone. But you are alive, really alive, when you connect with another. These people you connect with can be friends, confidants, as close as sisters to you. But it is only when you offer your whole heart, your whole soul, your own being, that you are alive. And its a hell of a rush.

There will be more failures then successes. There will be great heartache. But if you are not loving, with your entire soul, you are not alive yet. You are merely surviving. There is a fine line between living and surviving. So live just dont survive, no matter if it results in a failure/rejection. At least you lived!!!!!!!!

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Zephyr Girl said...

yes what u said is true...
my opinion is there's no life without love.:-)
love live long life....:-)

moon's muse said...

Definitely the blogosphere air is heavy with rejection and stuff.But while you my dear is welcoming it with open hands in order to grow,learn and move on,for now,I don't want to take it any more.

I hope I too reach that stage,bypassing all this where I can feel what you have expressed in this pots.

Much love

Anonymous said...

Rejection is a part of life.
Like everything else, it happens.
Moving on is of importance, I say. :)

That Subtle Something... said...

well said! Loved your post.

sagar said...

TILL THE SECOND LAST PARAGRAPH i was confused about your touch of wisdom. but the last... "There will be more failures then successes. There will be great heartache. But if you are not loving, with your entire soul, you are not alive yet..." WO' it was as reviving and fresh as TRUE LOVE. thx for so beautiful post :-)

Anonymous said...

Well said! I really enjoyed reading your post... I look forward to coming back and reading some of your older ones later.


Razigan said...

I think u got to check up with a doctor :)

nicely written

QTPsweta said...

very true .. love nurtures person towards life without love no matter in what form u get ..

Manish Raj said...

Gunmeen you are right.

We have only one life. And if we live it well; once is enough.

The irony is - Love happens. I never started or stopped it.

Read following post when you get some time:

Best Wishes

i am what i am said...

zephyr girl: thanks

moon's muse: i'm sure you is all about moving on...

ki: very true.i agree completely.

that subtle something: thank you

i am what i am said...

sagar: thank you so much.

sydney: thanks.would like to hear from you on other posts as well.

razigan: thanks. and i dont think i need to see the doc.

qtpsweta: thank you.

manish raj: i'll surely read it. thank you so much.

Onthewingsofadream said...

simply loved it ...and i agree cent percent ...and am glad am alive ...:-)

damn this love hurts and heels at the same time ...

triyash said...

Have you ever been to the terrace after a heavy Kolkata shower?....

When the sun peeps from among the silver clouds, right above the 2nd Hoogly bridge?...have you ever felt the moist air against your face, carrying the smell of kolkata ??? It blows from the east, passed kasba..ballygunje..golpark...till it reaches you...

i am sure u will feel wonderful...

thats how it feels, being in love...

nice write...changed my content as i read the last paragraph..[:)]

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