Wednesday, January 21, 2009


People often ask me "Why did you become a dentist?" Why not a 'real doctor'?" (what does that mean now???? Am I an 'unreal' doctor??? whatever!!!!!!)

I, and many of my colleagues are often stumped when asked why we had chosen to be someone disliked by so many people (a misconception I told myself) involved in "poking around inside other people's mouths." Some people kindly added that I probably did noT get through the medical college (totally untrue). Or it was better than doing architecture or BBA (what a comparison), at least I get to be called as a doctor!!! aaarrrghhh!!!!!

But whatever explanations you give, people still express a mystifications to why anyone would want to do it (dentistry that is). I usually reply that the reality of being a dentist was completely different from my perception of being a dentist (whatever that means) and hope that they will not probe further.

Yet, this question always hits me. Why did I choose dentistry as my profession? In college, I used to have great discussions with my college mates as to why we had chosen dentistry and the recollections of those admissions (more honest than I usually tell strangers) were a desire to control our working lives, an interest in working with our hands (just like an artist, a sculptor. We are artists, sculptors as a matter of fact. But that some other day), the satisfaction of treating a patient almost entirely ourselves and most of all , the financial freedom we assumed dentistry would give us.

I still stand by those very same reasons that I had during my college days. But the more deeper I started getting into private practice, I found many more reasons to love dentistry. I realized I lovedd the science behind it. There is an engineering skill, a scientific skill and lots of artistic skill involved in dentistry. There is never a dull day in dental office. There is always a need for continuing education. You can never rest on your laurels after finishing your degree. So there is always a challenge. It is a very exciting occupation. The relief you see on the patient's face after a good job is something which money can never buy. I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. I love being a dentist and I look forward to each and every day at the dental office.

And apart from all the reasons why I adore being a dentist is that it always lets me come back to my first passion - writing.
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Another Kiran In NYC said...

Oh my, a dentist... now I am officially afraid of you!

I get what you mean though. Obviously dentistry is your own personal expression where you can indulge in art and science and feats of engineering! Nice combination that!

Thanks for coming by my blog.

I will be sure to stop by here often.

Shimmer said...

the architect behind the prfect smile.. hehe :P

its a nice post.. liked readin it :)

The Rat... said...

AH!!! my saviour.... my doc has suggested that i pay to a dentist.. does visiting ur blog daily count..???

Anonymous said...

Each job/work is as good as other if it benefits society.
Best-Wishes always.

Sagar said...

WO'...please tell this to thousands of other dentists who think they are just LIKE-DOCTOR not the ARTIST hum...quite hillarious read it was. the best ever bloging i witnessed today and cursing myself right now that where i was till this moment. will be proper here...Keep Punching

i am what i am said...

another kiran in NYC: you are welcome. its a nice blog you have. i would love it if you stop by often.

shimmer: thank you

rat: alas sorry but stopping by my blog everyday will ensure a good read at least.

hobo: thank you.....

Akansha Agrawal said...

I somehow like dentists... and I've never been to one for a problem of my own... but guys are normally cute and gals very sweet... so my experience sayz...

btw, thanks for dropping by on my blog... Keep visiting!

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