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The night was very dark, and it looked like storms were rolling in fromthe distance. Sarah was a waitress at a local roadstop cafe right off the highway. She worked the night shift, and liked it because there was hardly everanyone who stopped in that late at night. And Sarah didn't feel very comfortable around people.

About 5 years ago, Sarah was in a terrible fire and one side of her facewas burned very bad. The surgeons did everything they could to repair the damage, but it was just to severly burned. It left great scars and made her left eye look higher than the right one. She was very self-conscious and didn't feel good around people.

People always seemed to stare at her like she was a freak. She actually was a very lovely young woman before the accident, but itwas hard to tell now with all the disfiguring that had happened to her face. She preferred to be lonely over all the stares that people gave her. She hated the stares, and had almost become a recluse because of them. The disfigurment had caused her to be bitter and angry, most of thetime. She lived by herself, and stayed by herself except when she worked. The night shift was perfect for her, because there was hardly ever anyone around except the night cook, and he was near-sighted, so he didn't see the disfiguration very clearly.

On this particular night, a young lady was driving home from work, whenthe rain started to come down in big downpours. She looked off the highway and saw a sign that said "Rafa's Roadside Cafe". She decided to pull into this cafe and wait there until the rain had passed. She had never been to this little cafe before, even though she had passed it coming home from work for many years. For some reason tonight, the cafe just drew her to it.

She went into the cafe and took a seat at a small table. She saw thewaitress behind the counter, but she had her back turned, filling salt shakers, so Mira could not see her face, right then. Mira waited for a few minutes, and the waitress didn't bother to acknowledge that she was there. Mira finally said "excuse me, could i get a cup of coffee miss"? Sarah started pouring the cup of coffee and took it to the table whereMira was sitting.

Sarah was thinking, to herself, here we go again with the stares. But, to her amazement, Mira didn't give any reaction whatsoever, except to say "thank you for the coffee". The coffee was good and hot. Just what she needed after being in that cold rain tonight. Sarah walked back behind the counter and finished filling the salt shakers. For some reason she was drawn to Mira because she had not seemedalarmed by her face. She went back to the table and asked her if she could get her anything else. Mira told her she was just waiting for the storm to blow over, and then she would be heading for home.

The two women got to talking, and before they knew it an hour had past, and Mira said she had to be going. They said goodbye and she left. When Sarah went home that night she thought of the kind lady she had mettonight. She liked her, and wished she would come back again. It had been so long since she had really felt comfortable talking to anyone.

As it was, the next night Mira stopped in again after work for somecoffee. When Sarah saw her she rushed right over to the table with a piping hot cup of coffee. They talked even longer this night. Time passed, and Mira became a regular at the cafe. She really liked Sarah and enjoyed their talks. Sarah was always looking for Mira each night. It was the bright spot ofher day. In a matter of weeks they had become fast friends. They liked each others company very much.

Then a couple of weeks went by and Mira did not come to the cafe. Sarah was sad, as she had so looked forward to seeing Mira every night. A couple of weeks later, Mira appeared again one night. Sarah was so happy to see her friend again. They hugged and sat down for a good chat. She asked Mira where she had been, and Mira began to tell her that she had a bad heart and was waiting for a donor. The doctor had told her a couple of weeks ago that her heart was not going to hold out much longer without a organ transplant. That is why Mira had not been to the cafe or to work. She was just getting to weak anymore.

Sarah could not believe it, as her friend was so beautiful, and lookedso healthy. They talked for hours, it seemed, and then Mira said she had to go and rest. Her heart was so weak that she had hardly any strength anymore.

Two days later, sarah got in a car accident. She was hurt very badly and was rushed to the hospital. She was badly mangled by the truck that had smashed into her cab. The doctor said she was not going to make it. He said the injuries were just too severe. Sarah lay in the hospital bed and thought, so this is how it is going to end? Nothing has been accomplished with my life, and now I am going to die alone. She felt sorry for herself for a little while, and then she faced the fact that she was going to die.

It was time to make things right, while she still had time. She lay in that bed for days, barely hanging on to life, and she had plenty of time to think. She missed her friend Mira, and wondered if she would miss her when she was gone. She was so sad and alone. She prayed she would just go ahead and die and get it over with.

Meanwhile, her friend Mira was asking about where Sarah was. She had been to the cafe and Sarah was not there. The old cook finally told her about her and which hospital she was in. Mira rushed out of the cafe and went to see her friend. Their reunion was sweet, as they had grown to care so much for each other in this short time.

When Mira saw her friend, she knew there was not much time left. Sarah looked like the life was being pulled right out of her. She had tubes and wires all around her, and she looked so pale. Sarah looked at her friend and said "I have been praying you would come and see me". Then she told Mira, "I have something to tell you". Mira told her, "I came as soon as I heard, is there anything in this world I can do for you?" Sarah told her friend, "No, but, I can do something for you, my friend". Mira asked her, "What do you mean"? Something for me? It is you laid up here with such terrible injuries, and you want to do something for me? What a wonderful friend you are, but, there is nothing I need. Sarah looked at Mira and said, "Yes, there is something that you need,very much, and I am able and willing to give it to you".

Mira shook her head and said "What are you talking about Sarah"? Sarah looked at her friend and told her that since she was dying, that she wanted to donate her heart to Mira. She said, she felt their two hearts were connected somehow since the first time they met. Mira started crying and crying, and couldn't say anything for a moment.Then she told her friend that was the nicest gift anyone could ever give, but she couldn't let her do that.

Sarah told Mira she had already arranged with the doctor and the hospital that when she died that her heart was to go to her special friend Mira. This was a special day for both of these women. They had met and been drawn to each other in life, and now through death they would still be connected.

Sarah died two days later, and her heart was transplanted into Mira, as Sarah had planned. The transplant was a success. Mira could not go to Sarah's funeral, as she was recovering from her own operation, but as soon as she was well enough, she went to Sarah's grave and stood alone and thought of her "most special friend". She put her hands over her new heart and said "Thank you, my friend for being part of my heart".

The day these two ladies met was not by accident. God sent them to each other with a plan in mind. God knew exactly how this would turn out.
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Zephyr Girl said...

Hi Friend,
Nice to read ur post....:-)
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Indian Home Maker said...


Organ donation should be popularised in India some more. It's sad how we burn or bury a part of body that can give life!

i am what i am said...

zephyr girl: thank you for stopping by.

IHM : thank you. a comment from you means a lot. and i toally agree with you. i have the highest regards for people who pledge their bodies for medical rsearch as well as for those who benefit mankind even in death.

Zephyr Girl said...

Hi friend,
thanks for becoming my follower..
i'll add urs in my friends list if u wish..
zephyr girl:-)

Manish Raj said...

Nicely written...

i am what i am said...

manish raj: thanks

Pinku said...


nice story....but do look at the name errors....a jenny and marge cropped in from somewhere...

i am what i am said...

pinku: thanks for pointing out the mistakes. these two names are in a another story that i was trying to write. i left it in between and got to this. so just a typo mistake. thanks anyways.

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