Saturday, January 3, 2009


These are the things I want in 2009 for every woman – if your particulars dreams or desires are missing just add them to the wish list.

More time, since a woman’s work is never done; if we could have 36 hours in the day, and spend at least 10 hours on ourselves, life would be just perfect.

A world where at least 50 per cent of the presidents, prime ministers, CEOs, politicians and judges were women. I’d ask for 80 per cent, which is pretty much what the other gender has, but we women aren’t selfish, we’ll settle for just half the power.

A birth control pill that works without causing nasty side effects or lowering our fertility. A guarantee that the "new pill ", which promises to do away with menstruation for women, is actually safe.

A century from 2009 to 2109 where we have at least thrice as many women Nobel laureates as compared to the measly 34 who made it to the list between 1903 to 2008.

Bras that fit. Not horrible devices from the torture chamber, not sacks that offer less support than dental floss, just normal, comfortable bras for normal women.

Equal TV and press time for all women boxers, cricket players, footballers, tennis players, hockey players and sports people out there who train just as hard as boys for a fifth of rewards.

Priests, of all religions, who don’t start by viewing women as cradles of sin, who don’t make women ashamed of their bodies, who seek not to control the energy of women but to help them release that energy in the best possible way for them and the world.

Ads that don’t insult us by treating women as candy floss, or stereotyping them as vacous housewives, or draping them over cars and computers on the assumption that women could only ever help to sell Male Machines, never to buy them.

More respect from the world when we decide to be mothers. Doctors who won’t treat us as brain damaged walking baby carriers, tell us not to make such a fuss, tell us not to ask too many questions, or tell us that post partum depression is all in the head. We want work places that will prioritize paternity leave as much as maternity leave. We want work places, whether these are building sites or corporate offices that offer flexitime and crèches as a matter of course, rather than as reluctant bribes to half the workforce.

Men, who know how to love us, respect us, give us equal rights in the bed and treat us right. Partners, either male or female, who would never be abusive or violent, women who know that support is what we expect from them, not just from women organizations or NGOs or when an issue creeps up in the society, men who are happy to be with us not only for our curves but for our brains as well.

An automatic muzzle for anyone who presumes to tell women how they should dress, what they should say, how they should make love or how they should live. We don’t need to be told; we’re pretty good at finding out for ourselves.

Oh, and presents. Like flowers, crepe saris, chocolates, roses, diamond rings, brandy snifters, iPods, Blackberry’s environmentally friendly SUVs, honeymoon in Scandinavian countries, a hang gliding course and a killer digital camera.


Manish Raj said...

Oh God..

Pinku said...

awesome list!!!

this is the wish list of the millenium. Hope it all comes true....

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