Monday, December 22, 2008


I was not even aware that Preeti Shenoy is a blogger turned author when I picked up her book at Crossword in Kolkata. (thats where I live and had heard nothing about the book or its launch or the author.) I bought the book for two reasons : One, I'm really into indian writers these days and second, the title intriguied me, almost coaxed me to buy the book.

Well, the book was just what I had ordered for myself after a hard day at my dental office. I would sum it up as the indian version of "chicken Soup for the soul" series which i love and the only non fiction books i ever read.

34 bubblegums and candies is all about life - its ups and downs with joys and sorrows all strewn in to relish the journey called life. Each incident/ story evoked a reaction - a tear (my special friend), a laugh (vegetable balls) and even a jolt (please hug me - i'm just like you). Every reader will be able to relate to some incidents in the book. It could, as the author herself states, happen to anyone of us. What seemed candy to Preeti, could well mean a bubblegum for me.

The language is ver simple, just like our daily conversations. Its a light easy read, a feel good book. The book's strongest point is that it is absolutely non preachy. It does not tell you what to do in a particular sutuation, but rather says just be yourself. Read this book in one go and you would not be disappointed. It will bring a smile on your face just like it did on mine.

A wonderful book, no doubt.

P.S. this piece is not a review. just a heart felt rambling, thats all.


Ps said...

Glad you loved it :)and thank you for this post.
Yes--its a lot like chicken soup but a lot more hilarious.
In case you wish to read media reviews the links are at the bottom in my profile in Wikipedia.
Warm regards
Preeti Shenoy

Indian Home Maker said...

I love Chicken Soup kind of stories too :) Will check the link in the comment above :)

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