Sunday, December 28, 2008


We met with a fury of fire works that was so wonderful ! Yes the intenseness of our sparks were there, and there was even more than just the sweet flavors of the flesh. Our phone calls were learning moments in between the distance of our hearts. Our excitement was a calling of our souls to a friendship that was truly blended in the heavens.

Deep thoughts and rewarding talks felt from our hearts sent a streaming craving of exhilaration that this is the true merger of two lonely hearts. Our moments together was a gratifying study of our longings and dreams.A satisfaction of a touch, a kiss and the joyous feelings of being together. A growth of love and friendship was nurtured and blended into something more than just special.

The desire was built and fashioned into a true feeling of wanting to becloser so we could be nearer our wants to fulfill. Promises to talk and share our inner most feeling were made not just as lovers but also as friends. The sparkle of letters of love nurtured our feeling towards our longings of being together, and our dreams were so pleasurable.

Then came the night so cold and dark, a email saying we are not right for one another. Totally against what we had promised each other. No talks or reasons why just don't call, write or come by. So a deep rip in your heart and with tears in your eyes you ask yourself what did I do? Why am I alone after surrendering my heart? You try and win them back with flowers and notes from your inner feelings. Yet you've been scared before, so you're a step away from completely admitting defeat. Is this really the relationship you had? Did you only think you knew this person? Knowing in your heart there is something your not being told. So you begin to the blame yourself for this, as the mountain of hurt crumbles you into a reclusion from this love. You try and find a new person to take that place, someone who will be true in their words and their feelings. Yet are you ready for that? Do you feel the same excitement from a call or when you hold his hand? Are you really attracted to him? Waiting for time to heal all, when will it come?

Its been months now and you still feel the pain and lonely abandonment of this love. You see them one Sunday at a store and you walk up and say Hello. Turning and looking at you, feeling their disdain. It takes two for a strong love, the deep devotion can never be from one.Hurts may never heal and answers may never come yet the tears still ask for a reason why. So you write your feelings to print and hope for a divine closure of this wounded love.

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Pinku said...

you are exceptionally brave to put into words what many would not have.

Yes these wounds are the hardest to heal though they show not any blood.

The best thing is to move on and never look back.

Rest assured they didnt deserve you and God saved you ....I have been in a nine year relationship only to have myslef spurned.

I know this hurt.

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