Sunday, December 7, 2008


Black loved white. They united in the palette of life. But as fate had it, the canvas of life turned this union into grey streaks.

As civilization moved ahead, life started changing the shape of its trajectory from a plain to a twisted one. One day, God decided to send all its purity in the form of a life on earth and so White was born.

Seeing this, Satan thought of challenging this creation with his best and the intensities of satantic charm was shaped in the form of Black on earth.

Flowing on two different paths, Black met White and their respectivecharms captivated each other like clasped fingers.

Life started rolling further, dancing to the tunes of natural creativity. The painters, God and Satan, rejoiced the success of their creation from the abode above.

Then came that day when love oozed out of Black and White and they enticed each other to melt and mingle like colors on a palette. The union was divine.

Dry leaves glowed with green life, dull earth shined with silvery spirit. But Black and White, unaware of the magic, simply swirled and swam in perpetual passion. The wild love that slept in the natural bed of roses woke up to a storm,when one day White realized that he was not mundane and the darkness of black spoiled his pristine clarity.

Black felt small and heavy inside. The tears that rolled over her cheeks went on to mix with White and gave birth to Grey.

White couldn't bear the pain of impurity and left Black in death-like haste. But Black couldn't leave Grey, as she could find a lot of black in the little love - the same darkness that covered White from the public eyes and locked in her heart when she first fell in love.

Grey grew up with Black. He loved Black and also White yet couldn't find White around to express his love and respect for his creator.

And this pain led to unhappiness that made grey the color of sadness. Grey could never find acceptance from White, but the hope kept him going... He still opens eyes every morning and waits for that artist of life who could caress him and paint a happy life, all in shades of grey.

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