Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have always loved these spreads in fashion magazines where celebrities share with us what they keep in their purses. Its kind of taking a little peakinto their lives, their inner self. The things you carry in your purse can provide a window into your soul.

What myriad things are co existing in your own private purse universe (real or imagined)? What's there because you love it, or because you need it, or even because someone special gave it to you?

So here is baring my soul :

My new hobo purse is like a bottomless pit because it has no pockets and everything is swimming inside.

My bag is truly my world. It contains everything I need and maybe a few things that I dont. Some medicines, gum and mints are a direct giveaway of my profession (I'm a dentist by profession in case you didn't know). My ipod always saves me when I dont want unwanted conversations with my travelling companions, and my htc P3400i always ensures I'm never away from blogging. My plastic zip pouch is my tool box and contains every kind of stationery you can think of. Debit and credit cards complete my purse and needless to say i do carry a fair amount of cash. Lots of keys without a keychain is a standard norm since hostel days. Sunglasses is a must as is make up (you never know when a handsome patient can invite you for an evening out.)

A small note given to me by someone special holds the most coveted place in my bag. Whenever I read it, it not only reminds me of those beautiful memories but also manages to bring a smile on my face, no matter what mood I am in. Guess this says I'm an emotional person.

So what does my bag says about me?????
To an outsider my bag is a disaster area, but to me it is an organized chaos. Many people told me that my bag symbolizes my hippie - vagabond self image (since, I'm not settled in life. I beg to differ though).I think my bag and its contents symbolizes a woman who wants to do it all. I'm working on a system of organization but haven't quite mastered it. For me, my bag's disorganization is a sign of creativity. My bag is me and is a personal style statement. I wouldnt trade this for any chanel, christian dior or louis vuitton. (its an entirely different story that I cannot afford one.)
So what is in your bag and what does it say about you?
Do drop by and let me know.


moon's muse said...

hey so true!ditto with me..i lurve reading that segment abt what's in your bag!

as for me,wallet,LIP BALM(i swear im addicted to them),keys(as u pointed out lots of them being a hosteler),wipes,pen a small diary,kohl and mobile phone suffice.

hey but thanks for pointing out that make up bit!;)
yeah who knows wen a nice patient asks u out.only in my case im not a dentist and patients are mostly really sick.

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Sorry to sound so boring, but to me it means ur plain lazy enough not to do away with the clutter!

And yes, my wallet(males do not carry bags) only contains money I guess.

Btw did I tell u that I liked ur style of writing?

The Rat... said...

ah.. so organized... i carry a camera bag most of the time... i designed it myself.. a compartment has d cam and the other part has my hand wallet, chewing gum, lip balm, deo, relispray and assorted keys...

its complete mess.. :( ;D

divesh said...

that's it???

I always wondered wht's there in a lady's bag..

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