Thursday, December 11, 2008


Search engine Google has released its India Zeitgeist, a look at what indians have been searching for the entire year on the web.

The results were not surprizing though I must confess that one result managed to make me fall off my chair. One of the most popular search in "how to" is how to get pregnant???? Can you actually believe it ??? I mean in a country of billion plus and increasing, are we actually trying to find ways to get pregnant??? Rather we should ask google "how not to get pregnant" and beg it to give us a crash course in use of contraceptives.

Sania mirza has toppled the iconic sachin tendulkar from the list of most popular sportsperson of the year. Well, lets not even talk about this. Ms Mirza's increase in popularity is directly proportional to her decrease in world ranking. Do we need to say more???? And to top it all. she has actually been conferred an honorary doctorate from a university in Chennai. She is now Dr Sania mirza and i'm almost on the verge of tearing my hair apart. (i am a doctor and i have spent 5 years getting those two letters in front of my name) Thats why they say, life is really unfair.

Mahatma Gandhi and Raj Thakeray are the most searched politicians for this year. I mean can Indians get more contradictory than this?

And finally Mr Laloo Prasad Yadav has all the reasons to smile and gloat. Take a look for yourself.

Fastest Rising
1. youtube
2. orkut
3. katrina kaif
4. cricket
5. irctc
6. facebook
7. genelia d'souza
8. beijing 2008 olympic games
9. sixth pay commission
10. ipl

Most Popular
1. orkut
2. gmail
3. yahoo
4. google
5. youtube
6. yahoomail
7. indian railways
8. rediff
9. cricket
10. katrina kaif

Top searches on Mobile
1. orkut
2. yahoo
3. waptrick
4. gmail
5. games
6. katrina kaif
7. rediffmail
8. yahoomail
9. namitha
10. google

Top Bollywood Celebrities
1. katrina kaif
2. aishwarya rai
3. salman khan
4. hrithik roshan
5. kareena kapoor
6. shahid kapur
7. deepika padukone
8. shahrukh khan
9. mallika sherawat
10. genelia d'souza

Top holiday destinations
1. goa
2. kerala
3. kashmir
4. dubai
5. singapore
6. australia
7. london
8. shimla
9. switzerland
10. manali

Top 'how to' searches
1. how to reduce weight
2. how to kiss
3. how to earn money
4. how to get pregnant
5. how to learn english
6. how to gain weight
7. how to play guitar
8. how to create a website
9. how to impress a girl
10. how to tie a tie

1 comment:

Piyush said...

"how to get pregnant"..hehe
now tht has me off my rockers..really..
so u r a doctor..n on tht 4m kolkata..nice of my friends is @ medical college, college st..
btw, do you have six to seven enemies to hang on those trees..
take care dear..

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