Friday, December 19, 2008


People give reasons for everything in life. Why they love, why they hate. Reasons for losing weight, reasons for gaining weight. Why you should believe in God, why you should not believe in God. Hope you get the drift!!!! Why do we give reasons for everything we do or we dont do? Why are we defending ourselves each time for every action of ours? Anyways this is not meant to be an introspective, thought provoking post. So lets leave the heavy duty questions for some other day.

I'm sure many of you are thinking what am i trying to say or actually write in this post. is there a reason for this post? Yes, you bet. There is a reason why i'm writing this post. I am compiling a list of topics on which people gave reasons - some reasons going upto the figure of 237. i swear there was a post where the writer gave 237 reasons for loving somebody. Well, to each his own. The list is in no particular order of importance, some topics are thought provoking, some are bizzare and some are plain stupid.

P.S. read it at your own risk!!!!!!

here goes:

  1. reasons why people believe in god (well, heard about conditioning?)

  2. reasons why people make stupid decision (coz they are stupid!!!!!)

  3. reasons why people dont read ur blog (coz there's nothing worth reading on it)

  4. reasons why people give up (coz they just do.)

  5. reasons why you cant organize everything in your house (coz you are unorganized)

  6. reasons why people fail to earn money online (they earn it offline, i think)

  7. reasons why people come into our lives (they just do. i wish they would ask before coming)

  8. reasons why your home isn't selling (you are not trying too hard)

  9. reasons why you are not finding a job (i dont know)

  10. reasons why people dont get wealthy (life is unfair, what to do)

  11. reasons why people run away from home (heard about honour killings?)

  12. reasons why people lie (ummm.....i'm still thinking)

  13. reasons why people read newspapers (a little bizzare, i agree)

  14. reasons why people fall in love (its a chemical reaction, they cant help it)

  15. reasons why its great to be a guy (its not.the writer is an mcp)

  16. reasons why i never visit a rich person's house ( i dont know what to write)

  17. reasons why india sucks at olympics (too many of them.)

  18. reasons why people blog (to irritate readers with these kind of posts)

  19. reasons why men love women (do you really need reasons to love women?)

  20. reasons why people hate ekta kapoor's serials (ha, ha, ha!!!!!!)

  21. reasons why people have sex (well, to procreate)

  22. reasons why people kiss (topic no.21)

  23. reasons why i would rather work with computers than people (computers dont answer back)

  24. reasons why you lie to your therapist (he/she would know what a creep you are otherwise)

  25. reasons why people act mean online (coz they are spineless)

  26. reasons why people should buy a stainless steel sink (i am stumped)

  27. "real" reasons why people have sex (what do we say to this now !!!!!!!!!)

  28. reasons why i dont want to be a mom (finally, sensible use of web space)

  29. reasons why people fail to achieve new year resolutions (simply because they are not achievable, yaar)

  30. reasons why you should not tell your partner that you have cheated (do people really need to know reasons for this one)

  31. reasons why you should get divorced (coz you want to start living)

After making this list and reading some really weird stuff, i have realized that people do tend to take advantage of a particular medium . There is actually so much crap on the net. its unbelievable. Please let me know what you think about this. Inclusion into this list is welcome and highly appreciated.

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