Saturday, December 13, 2008


Another bollywood celebrity made his debut as a talk show host on the telly. Well, you may ask, what's new?????And I say very solemnly, nothing new. The new talk show "Oye, It's Friday" hosted by director, producer, actor (whew!!! no wonder there is so much of unemployment in India) Farhan Akhtar could be best described as a tasteless cocktail borrowing heavily from all the earlier talk shows on the idiot box.

The premise is nothing new, the jokes are stale, guests are repetitive and Farhan Akhtar is no Karan Johar. Not even Farouque Sheikh or for that matter even Shekhar Suman.

The show starts off with a bunch of crude jokes followed by the entry of the celebrity guest. There are numerous crass takes on advertisements which are quite distasteful in execution. The acts in between were really interrupting the flow of the interview which was nevertheless non existent throughout the show. The host neither possessses the gift of gab nor the simplicity to focus the attention on the guest rather than himself.
Its a rather pompous show where Farhan Akhtar clearly wants to hog the limelight. After seeing the show, I was clearly of the opinion that he could be at this moment, be best described as jack of all trades master of none. Stick to direction, dude. You are best behind the camera. And Farhan, as a sincere fan, a small request - don't ever sing again!!!!

A disappointing watch overall.


Pooja said...

couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said...

I think Farhan Rocks!

Your being just a jealous looser.

Although I think Farhan's show is a lil lousy at times, with those silly jokes and the artificial whistles & screams which tend to put u off.

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