Thursday, December 25, 2008


Dear Santa,

Well, it’s that time again. I am sending you my list of all the really nice things I would like for Christmas. I know you are on a budget too (considering the recession all over the world) so you can’t bring everything, but I know you will bring the best ones.

so here is what i wish for this christmas:

  1. to be 18 again so that i can do college all over and undo all the mistakes i made in my college days

  2. to be able to get rid of my moodiness. i get stressed easily and can be really mean specially with people i love the most. so a way to get destressed will be a great gift for me.

  3. to be sprinkled with "innovation powder" on all over me or at least my brain (if there are more people wanting it and its scares). i sure need some help with fresh ideas for my blog

  4. my parents to be relaxed and be granted everything they want. they deserve it for putting up with me the whole of last year when i did not even remotely resemble the daughter they had raised.

  5. a "snore cure" for my boyfriend. i dont know how he can sleep through all the noises he makes.

  6. naturally straight hair. my curly, wild hair which refuse to sit down is the bane of my life. i pay the hairdresser a fortune everythime to make my hair look like it has been combed.

  7. want to put some weight. i've always been undersweight. i dont want to be fat but if i could actually fit into my trousers without a belt, it would be a plus.

  8. wish for a visa stamp on my passport. any country will do.

  9. that we have peace on earth, differences can be sorted out, that tolernce could reign. (internationally and in my drawing room) that all wars could be stopped.

  10. wish i could discover an alcoholic drink that doesnt give me a hangover. i am sick and tired of wasting my sunday and feeling rotten all day.


The Rat... said...

snore cure ?? hilarious...

yeah wud like to go back to college myself.. but to enjoy it and chide myself for being a nerd..

weight: likewise.. i am size zero for too long time that i want to be a free size now...

so many things i cud relate to... great one,luv..

cleftchildrenindia said...

i ve a list too........ can i post it up here for santa to see........

Indian Home Maker said...

I have Peace on my wish list too :)
I hope your wish for your parents comes true :)

Vinegar gargles help with snoring, ... no guarantees, read in the Reader's Digest sometime :)

I believe in this book called 'Secret', and I have seen that if you truly really wish for something, you do get it :)

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