Friday, December 5, 2008




Raj stood in front of the door as his mother attacked from behind it;banging and screaming away as her anger rose. Raj knew how high her anger could rise and most of the time, knew how to control it, but he didn't want to know if there was another level to her madness. . .nor did he want to be around long enough for that. But that really didn't matter, because if his mother were to break downthat near unbreakable door, then she would probably find one of the most horrific scenes ever witnessed by a mother.

She would find her son covered with blood; pieces of brain matted his hair, spilling blood and water down his back. They weren't his brains, of course, and nor was the small head that he held clutched by its hair in his right hand, as a bloody machete was held by the other.

Across the room sat his girlfriend, who smiled at him as he stood by thedoor, holding it back. She made a kind of snicker and moved toward him. She then went to the floor and crawled to him like a snake, then wrapped herself around his legs. “Ohhh. . .I love you baby!” she said, digging her nose into his calf.The decapitated head's jugular brushed across the top of her head, covering her own with more blood. (Ohhh. . .I hate you with all of my guts!) “Uh. . .yeah, I love you too babe.” He said, looking down to her crimsontainted head. (You don't know what love is!) “You did it again. . .yes, that's right. . .you did, didn't you?” sheasked him, looking up with her innocent eyes, looking into his killer eyes. (Uhhh. . .just another minute and I will scream!) He dropped the machete and bent down to stroke her soft, wet hair.

She purred with delight (disgust) and wrapped herself tighter around his leg. He then got to his knees, rolling the head gently near the bed, and looked into her eyes with all of the love (hate) in the world. “You know I did this for you right?” he spoke softly, ignoring thebanging that still went on outside his room. (Goddamnit, why do I keep doing these things for you. . .I wish I could. . .I could. . .) “Yeah, I know. Would you do it again for me?” she asked him. (Hmmm. control.) “Y. . .Yes.” he answered, bending even lower to kiss her face. Shelicked his lower lip in response, rather feline-like. Her glowing green eyes looked even deeper into his own, probably searching for the truth. (Oh my God, she's doing it again. . .I want to skin her. . .right now, yeah.. . .)

The screaming and ranting still went on as the two sat huddled togetherbeneath the door. Then she motioned to the bed and he followed her as she crawled again. He got on the bed with her and sat, looking at her. And then the door finally broke down. Raj Sharmas' mother broke down the door with all her might and flew into the bedroom to find a scene of absolute horror. She screamed and screamed even louder, looking at her son and the thing on the floor. Then she looked to who he was sitting with. A single bloody cat sat on the bed, looking up at Raj with wonderingeyes. He looked back down at her with both love and hate filling his eyes. His mother looked back to what was on the floor and knew what it was. It was a severed cat's head.

Thoughts of sending Raj back to the Institution filled her head immediately. “What in the HELL is going on!” she shouted. “You know you're notsupposed to be here, Raj! Why'd you have to leave, you were getting better!” She was referring, of course, to his stay at the NIMHANS Mental Institution where he was supposed to be, but had apparently escaped earlier that night. The white band was still around his wrist.

He paid no attention to her, and continued to stare at the one thingthat controlled and loved him: his pet cat Lolita. Raj's mother put a hand to her forehead and used the other to steady herself; she felt like fainting. Raj looked to his mother. “Felix had to die, Mom.” Raj said solemnly, looking over to the feline head that rested against the foot of the bed.

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